Company Description:

We have substantial operations in Cambodia. We are a very hard driving, technically savvy, hard working and a fast-paced charity. We are looking for committed staff who are keen to help the poor in developing countries. The work is challenging, exciting and offers opportunities for creativity and self-development. With a small team, each member plays an important role as there is a high degree of interdependency.

OHF principles of working as a team are:

  1. Conquer the unknown together
  2. It is impossible only, because you think so
  3. Do not confuse activity with work
  4. When in doubt, ASK
  5. Do what is needed, not what you like
  6. Allow different ways of achieving the same results
  7. Contribute facts not just opinions
  8. What you do affects others
  9. The Work is the Boss
  10. No one has all the answers

We expect our staff to have good decision-making skills, humility to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills, and to have the same vision and passion to help the poor.


Available Positions

1. Singapore Senior Manager

2. Senior Operations Manager

2. Accounts Assistant

3. Executive



The Singapore Senior Manager  (“SM”) will be the senior staff responsible for all of Operations Hope Foundation’s (“OHF”) Singapore operations. The SM will report and take instructions from OHF’s Board. The goal of OHF, which the SM is tasked to achieve, is to establish OHF as among the top three Asian headquartered global charities with a minimum $10 million operations by 2025.

He is to work with the Senior Manager, Overseas Operations. The latter will be responsible for all our overseas projects.

Overview of Responsibilities

  1. Human Resources (“HR”)
  • Staff planning, recruitment, management and training for all Singapore staff involved in OHF fund raising, donor relations and public relations work both in Singapore and internationally
  • Develop and implement job descriptions and appraisal schemes for such staff. Work closely with Board to ensure all staff are performing to a certain level, meet the goals set up for them, provide training and mentoring and to remove poorly performing staff. As we have no customers and no profit goals, setting internal KPIs and ensuring these KPIs are met is crucial.
  • Develop and update, employment terms & conditions, employee records to ensure compliant and reasonable staff welfare (including Singapore staff working in overseas subsidiaries) standards maintained.


  1. Finances
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements of Singapore e.g. annual audits, financial reporting, fund raising permits, labour laws, etc.
  • Ensure we have  proper management reports from  to submit to the Board
  • Ensure there is no fraud or wastage in our overseas projects
  • Ensure we have a high benefit to cost ratio in our projects.


  1. Databases to be maintained
  • Database for child sponsors and donors
  • Database for teams and volunteers
  • Database for our community projects
  • Track donations to projects


  1. Administration
  • Optimise efficiency and effectiveness of OHF’s processes and resources for Singapore.
  • Ensure compliance with Singapore SOPs and develop new SOPs where needed.
  • Management of Singapore office and office equipment in general.


  1. Public relations (“PR”)
  • Manage and improve OHF’s social and Internet profile, exposure and communication impact especially our monthly e-newsletter, website, YouTube videos and Facebook platforms.
  • Create awareness of and publicity for OHF through various media channels including newspapers, magazines, TV, social media and ad hoc events.
  • Assess, liaise and outsourced work to  social media vendors and consultant(s).
  • Engage in networking events and expand our networking with other NGOs. Past experience and wide industry contacts are essentials.


  1. Fund Raising & Collaborations
  • Child: recruit sponsors for all OHF children, including alumni youths studying at tertiary institutions.
  • Skills: recruit sponsors for all OHF TJSSS ( Skills training course)  students.
  • Marketing of overseas community outreach programmes to schools, tertiary institutes, churches and to businesses as their corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) projects.
  • Seek grants to support our overseas community programs
  • Ensure timely and professional reporting and communications for all grant projects
  • Plan and organise fund raising events and donation appeals to raise funds for OHF
  • Broaden and increase our donor and partners/collaborators sources particularly with CSR divisions, grant-giving institutions, Christian organisations and overseas Foundations and NGOs to fund specific projects.
  • Ensure existing donor and sponsor base is well serviced and organise donor and sponsor events to grow and retain this important base.
  • Achieve the fund raising goal set by the Board.


  1. Because of our small team size, you may be required to support other staff’s work whenever we have an event or temporary staff shortages such as when staff is on annual or medical leave.


Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries. Email to Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.



Overview of Responsibilities

  1. To ensure that our current overseas operations are running well. These are:
  1. OHF Skills: We currently have a training centre in Cambodia to provide training in English, computers and other skills to allow school leavers to acquire the necessary skills to get a white collar job.


To ensure the training centre is run well, instructors are teaching properly, curriculum is appropriate and we are able to recruit the students.

To get feedback from students and to monitor that graduates are able to find good jobs.

Skills: Understand how a training centre is managed, understand the skill set required of an instructor.

Skills in management is crucial.

Experience: Experience in managing  or setting up  a training centre. Experience in teaching English to non English students or teaching computer programs would be an advantage.

Training: Training in teacher training, or how to teach English


  1. OHF Community: Building houses, toilets and wells in Cambodia as well as rice bag houses in Nepal.

Responsibility: To ensure our community programs in Cambodia are well run  with no fraud.

To find partners in Nepal for our rice bag house project.

Skills:  Project management, knowledge of construction .

Able to negotiate with Government and senior NGO executives.

Able to craft agreements , do cost analysis of a project and  coordinate with local NGOs.

Experience: Have  managed community projects in developing countries or experience working in Cambodia for a church or NGO.

Past experience in dealing with Government in Nepal or other developing countries would be an advantage.

Training:  Training in community development work in developing countries

Willingness to travel to rural mountainous areas in Nepal to check on the work and to assist in the setup is essential.


  1. OHF Volunteer: Bringing volunteers to do community outreach programs in Cambodia   and Nepal

Responsibility: To ensure that our volunteer programs are running well in Cambodia.

To set up new volunteering projects in Nepal

Skills: Able to plan, manage and coordinate overseas trips for volunteers.

Able to initiate new volunteering projects, identifying the location and project, arrange logistics and work with local partners if needed.

Experience: Have manage an overseas volunteer expedition

Have worked in a travel agency or NGO that specialises in bringing volunteers overseas.

Have been on a YEP expedition or similar trips .

Training: Have attended courses in managing volunteers.


  1. OHF Child: Provide a home for abandoned children , orphans and poor children. We now have two homes as follows:
    1. Hope Village Prey Veng, 120 children in Cambodia
    2. Hope Trust Nepal, 47 children but expanding to 120 children when the new home is ready in two years

Responsibility: To ensure the children have a home with love, programs to enhance their development and are disciplined and of good character

Skills: Knows how to manage an operations , how to organise, delegate and  train staff.

Experience: Experience in running an operations like a restaurant, guest house or small enterprise would  be useful.

Experience  in working for a church or NGO in Cambodia would be an advantage

Training: Training in child care, child development or managing cross cultural organisations  would be an advantage


  1.  Able to micro manage , solve operational problems  and be hands-on when needed. As we work in developing countries, we don’t have trained local staff to carry out the work and we need to teach and mentor them
  1. Leadership is crucial. You will need to lead from the front, working with the staff to solve problems  and initiate improvements.  WE DON’T WANT AN ADMINSTRATOR WHO SITS IN THE OFFICE SENDING OUT EMAILS.  You will need to be very hands-on to lead .
  1. Management ability is crucial as you need to work through staff and partners both in Singapore and overseas
  1. Ability  to travel at least once a month is needed. Note that the travel will be to developing countries like Cambodia and Nepal.
  1. Vision is to establish OHF as one of the largest global charity in Asia. 


Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries. Email to Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.



Job position is a full-time post but open to part-time applications for suitable candidates.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Follow up of monthly overseas operation centers reports submission
  2. Analysis of and summation of overseas operation centre reports and expenses
  3.  Assist to keep track of regulatory requirements and submissions both for Singapore office and overseas operation centers
  4. To liaise with outsourced accounting firm on accounts documentation and year end audit
  5. Assist in general accounting functions & some HR functions
  6. All other ad-hoc duties as assigned
  7. Because of our small team size, you will be required to support whenever we have an event or temporary staff shortages such as when staff are on annual or medical leave. 



  • GCE O/A level, Diploma or professional certifications
  • Experience in general accounting
  • Detail-oriented, organized and strong with numbers
  • Proficient in MS Office applications and Outlook
  • A good Team player with ability to multi-task
  • As applicant need to support our overseas operations, regular overseas travel to operations centers is required.


Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries. Email to

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.




Overview of Responsibilities

You will work as part of 4-5 executives to develop and implement new programmes and resources (volunteers and donors) to support OHF's overseas projects.

You will be assigned one or more of the following functions depending on project/programme scope, your individual aptitude and needs of our beneficiaries, As you are working in a team, you are not required to perform ALL the following functions:


  1. Develop and implement effective programmes. For programmes to have life transforming impact on the beneficiaries, you shall:
  • Work closely with all stakeholders such as sponsors, local authorities and beneficiaries to understand their needs and requirement
  • Provide proposals and timely updates to donors and to uphold highest level of accountability
  • Define standard operating procedure to ensure effective implementation and compliance
  • Develop training materials and conduct “Train-the-trainers” course
  • Conduct training for internal staffs, volunteers, stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Provide OHF management with monthly report on progress of program implementation and program key performance indicators
  • Help to develop children programs to teach English, arts, craft, music, sports to develop talents and good habits
  • Ensure reports from overseas entities are sent on time and to read and analyse the reports and inform management of potential issues or discrepancies
  1. Continuous improvement. Programmes need to evolve with time and we must constantly look for ways to improve our current program. Together with the OHF team, you shall:
  • Identify improvement opportunities and implement annual improvement plan
  • Solicit feedbacks from stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Review effectiveness of current SOPs and recommend changes when needed
  • Conduct re-training for trainers, staff, volunteers, stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Provide leadership and coaching to local staffs to implement improvement activities
  1. Audit for compliance. Success and sustainability of any program can only be achieved if all employees and concerned parties adhere and act according to defined SOPs. Therefore, it is critical that you shall:
  • Make plans to conduct regular site visit and audit to check that all relevant staffs and concerned parties are working according to defined SOPs.
  • Submit audit report including any non-compliance and corrective action to HQ
  • Follow up and close all corrective action by stipulated deadline
  • Inform HQ on repeat non-compliance and make recommendation to prevent occurrence
  1. Promoting OHF and fundraising. As part of promoting our work and fundraising, you shall:
  • To create and send the quarterly newsletter
  • Update content for social media, website and collaterals for different donor segments.
  • Compile and produce reports for all our donors to demonstrate accountability and inspire them to continue giving to OHF.
  • Research and write proposals and follow up with grant-making foundations, locally and internationally, to solicit financial support for OHF projects.
  • Cultivate media relationships and work with PR agencies to provide content and stories with the goal of raising awareness of OHF’s work
  • Service, manage and garner financial support from various target donors.
  • Develop and implement fundraising initiatives such as campaigns and events.
  1. Marketing Volunteer Teams. Volunteer teams are part of a larger resource development objective. You shall plan and market OHF’s Community development projects by:
  • Promoting and marketing OHF projects to different donor segments such as schools, tertiary institutions, corporates, etc
  • Working with country project executives and overseas senior staff to develop volunteer building plans including budgeting, implementation and reports
  • Develop and/or customise OHF marketing collaterals for Teams, including orientation materials and videos for Volunteer projects.
  • Continuing engagement with volunteer teams to cultivate relationship and increase engagement, including financial commitments.
  1. Manage Volunteer Teams. Responsible for entire team visit including liaising with Volunteer groups and all relevant OHF staff including project management, providing quotation, invoicing and pre- and post- trip briefing, reporting and followup. You shall also:
  • Liaison with teams from churches, companies, schools and tertiary institutions to send volunteers on overseas community projects
  • Liaise with overseas staff to ensure teams and volunteers are properly looked after and that all logistic arrangements are done
  • Prepare quarterly Volunteer building projects management report to track actual vs. plan
  • Build and maintain a database of all OHF Volunteers’ contacts and history of engagement as well as all Volunteer completed projects information.
  1. Other responsibilities.
  • You will provide support in any other areas as and when the need arises.
  • As we have a small team, you will be expected to cover the jobs of other staff in the event of vacations, resignation or sickness.
  • Ad-hoc travel may be required to the countries and regions where OHF operates.

You will assist in other reasonable duties and other activities organised by OHF Singapore.


  • Requires minimum Degree level qualification with 2 to 3 years of work experience. Marketing and Communications related qualifications will be an advantage
  • Must have the ability to influence others with excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Experience with Photoshop and Drupal will be an added advantage.
  • Has an interest in overseas community development work, and preferably has past overseas volunteering experience.
  • Has the ability to meet financial targets;
  • Experience in customer service or relationship management roles will be an advantage
  • Resourceful, analytical and ability to work independently with proven ability to manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously.
  • Positive attitude, good team player and able to work under pressure.


Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries. Email to

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.