A training and outreach facility to improve lives in Dhuseni, a remote community in the district of Dhading, Nepal.

Dhuseni Training Centre is a facility where villagers can learn skills and knowledge.


  • Locals have hardly any exposure to computers.
  • They speak the dialect Tamang, and does not speak the national language Nepali which is used outside of their village.
  • They cannot speak English, limiting their capacity to interact with people beyond their own community.
  • Most of the locals own land which has potential to produce more yield.
  • Locals are eager to acquire skills to generate income.
  • Dhuseni has many remote villages which lack medical and dental facilities.


Utilisation of Dhuseni Training Centre
The infrastructure will house:
  • Multipurpose Training Room (accommodates up to 50 people)
  • 1 room (office)
  • A toilet
  • A kitchen

We need to raise SG$6,000 for the training centre and need your help!

Your giving of any amount will be pooled into the Dhuseni Training Centre fund.

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Dhuseni Training Centre Fund

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Dhuseni Training Centre Fund

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