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World faces a hungry future: UN report


Straits Times 25 February 2017 has a sobering article called World faces a hungry future: UN report.


Here are the key points:

A. Extra 2.7 billion people to feed by 2050

B. More meat consumption requires more grains to harvested to feed the animals. Chinese eat 13kg of meat a year in 1983 and 63 kg in 2016 

C. 21 out of 37 world's largest aquifers are declining. Aquifers are huge underground water storage which millions of farmers worldwide depend on for irrigation 

D. Climate change will reduce agricultural yield 


OHF is developing aquaponics as one of the solution to food scarcity.

It has the following advantages:

A. Requires 5-10 percent of water which is recycled

B. Does not need soil and can be even on rooftops 

C. Organic and does not use chemical fertilizers 

D. Provide fish (protein) and vegetables 


We will have two test sites in Cambodia and need funds to expand these test sites. We are exploring the possibility of installing an aquaponics system for a prison in Cambodia.


Read the full article on The Straits Times here.


27 February 2017