It has been a year since that morning on 25 April 2015, when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal and northern India. The earthquake was the worst disaster recorded in Nepal since the 1934 earthquake.

According to the UNDP, an estimated 9,000 people lost their lives while another 23,000 were injured. Damages and losses came to a total of almost US$7 billion.

8 million people were affected, with some 500,000 buildings and homes destroyed, and more than 250,000 structures partially damaged across 31 of Nepal’s 75 districts.

Yet, help still has not reached many of those affected. Reports from the BBC, Telegraph and others reveal that especially in rural villages, many families and people remain homeless and helpless.

About Raise the Roof

What is a rice-bag house?

The only materials needed for building rice-bag houses are rice bags, barbed wires and zinc sheets for the roof. Gravel and soil are used to fill the rice bags.

The materials used to make rice-bag houses keep a house cool when it gets warm, and vice versa. We made a simple test by noting the temperature outdoors, and when inside a rice-bag house.


Temperature outdoors.                                        Temperature inside a rice-bag house.

Where is the location of this project?

Some of our work over the past year

Meet the beneficiaries

Asmita was living in an old house which was wrecked by the earthquake. She describes her joy and sense of security given to her and her family at having a rice-bag house.


In the News

The Straits Times featured OHF and the earthquake rebuilding project in February 2016.


Read the news article here.

How you can help

OHF intends to expand this project to become a sustainable Community Development project in Nepal. The Rice Bag house is truly a low-cost, sustainable solution for victims of the earthquake who still face the grim reality of last year's damage and continue to live under the constant threat of another similar disaster.

We have seen the tangible benefits and rewards of the Rice Bag house:

  • Earthquake-proof
  • Constructed with cheap and readily available materials
  • Fast and easy to build
  • Can be customised and expanded outwards and upwards
  • Interior remains cool in summer and warm in winter

These factors combined make it a sustainable solution: properly maintained, the Rice Bag house will last a lifetime; repairs and replacements can be easily made with locally found materials; most importantly, skills and expertise gained by individuals from building the Rice Bag house may be passed on to others and down generations to come!

All we need to do is to get the ball rolling, and this is where we need your help to MAKE HOPE REAL. For every S$1,500, we will be able to provide a displaced family with the materials to build a 200 square-feet Rice Bag house.



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