The United Nations estimates that over one billion people in the world practise open defecation. Every 20 seconds, a child dies as a result of poor sanitation. 80 per cent of diseases in developing countries are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation, including inadequate sanitation facilities. OHF builds a 1.5m deep pit toilets for needy families that do not have access to proper sanitation. Priority is given to families with single women and children.

2015 Summary:

1. Toilet beneficiaries

No. of toilets built 132
Total no. of beneficiaries 447

2. Toilets built by location within Prey Veng province

District No. of toilets
Ba Phnom 3
Kamchay Mear 13
Kampong Leav 1
Kampong Trabaek 1
Mesang 16
Peam Ro 2
Preah Sdach 10
Prey Veng 3
Sithor Kandal 8
Svay Antor 75
Total 132

3. Percentage of beneficiaries with

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  • For $800, you can give one toilet to provide proper and safe sanitation

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