What Can Be Done?



Success in Bringing Up the Children



Since it accepted the first batch of children in Dec 2003, Hope Village Prey Veng , Cambodia has more than forty children who are now working and studying in Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap. 

Our success can be seen in the happy young adults who are able to fend for themselves and aiming for a good future. With the ability to speak English and confidence in talking to foreigners, they easily find jobs in the hospitality sector. 

Our first children graduate Bora is now married and has recently been promoted to manager in a distribution company.  




Our children are being brought up in an intellectually challenging environment and are also encouraged to play board games to develop thinking skills. Games like Monopoly teaches the importance of owning and renting out properties while games like Connect Four enhances their patience to examine possibilities. We were surprised that the boys loved to play Risk which is a military strategy board game.

Overall we are confident that our programs for the children will result in confident and capable young adults equipped with the necessary skills to earn a decent wage in Cambodia. The majority of our children are attending university courses. 


Success in Training our Staff




Hope Village Prey Veng, being over ten years old, has a team of matured staff. Together with Standard Operating Systems and processes, our HVPV staff manages the children, maintain the 80,000 sq ft premises and sends regular reports back to our HQ in Singapore.

Expenses are tightly controlled and house parents are monitored to ensure that they do care for the children under their charge. Management, training, reports, feedback are crucial tools to sustain effective performance and prevent fraud. OHF prides itself on running its projects like an SME with rigorous discipline and at the same time, create a loving home for the children.  

We are thankful for our dedicated and committed staff.



The above photo is our team in Hope Training Centre, Cambodia. HTC runs the community projects like building houses, toilets and wells. It also has the TJSSS School which teaches computer, attitude, skills and English.  This is a great team that is honest, responsible and efficient!


Success in Bringing Teams to Build Houses




Students from the department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore with the house they built. Hundreds of teams of volunteers have came under the OHF umbrella to build houses, toilets and drill wells for the poor villagers in Prey Veng, Cambodia. Volunteers have a wonderful experience of doing hands on work that truly benefits a family of villagers.

It takes good logistic and project planning by our Khmer staff to ensure that all goes well, from transportation to meals to the actual house building project. 


Success in Hope Trust Nepal




Wonderful to see our children grow up. Photo above shows Paul and Annie who are now working and studying.

If you visit the Singma Food court in Kathmandu, you will be able to meet both of them, many thanks to the loving care and attention of Christina who have looked after them for over seven years. Both are studying for their A levels and Annie wants to take up a hospitality degree.

Our homes are not just a place for basic education and lodging but a place for character development, grooming of skills and self-esteem. Paul and Annie are just two of the happy youths that we have the privilege of looking after in Nepal! 


Success in bringing Water of life




Water is essential and yet many poor villagers do not have access to piped water or live near a river. Wells are the only source of water. However, the poor cannot afford to pay for a well to be constructed near their homes. They have to rely on the generosity of their neighbours. With a well, their hygiene will improve since they can now bathe more regularly. Some are also able to grow vegetables using the water from the well. 

A simple facility like a well with a hand pump, can make a big difference to many lives!


Success in Sanitation

Can you imagine using a bush as a toilet? Thousands of poor villagers do not have a single proper toilet to go to. The OHF toilet building program has given villagers better sanitition and some privacy as well. This program looks simple but it requires good project planning and cost control. Intensive surveys are being carried out to identify the most needy villagers.