Sponsor A Child
A child sponsorship programme to make education accessible for poor rural children.

"Education is free, 

But going to school is not." 

Give the gift of hope. Be a child sponsor.

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Sponsor A Child Programme

Education is free for all children in Cambodia, but as many as 150,000 children drop-out from school in the Primary education sector. Why?

Children in rural area like Prey Veng have to do ad-hoc errands work to earn money to buy food. Children as young as 6 years old are hired as laborers, working in the fields, tending water buffalos or selling fruits to make a living. They often drop out from school because of  the lack of money to buy stationary, uniforms and have to share textbooks with other students. 

How are we helping?

Sponsor A Child is a programme that aims to reduce the drop-out rate for children in Primary school by giving uniforms, stationary and textbooks to students who cannot afford it.

To encourage their guardians to send them to school instead of earning money through ad-hoc errands, we provide food packs every two months if the child attend school regularly.


How it works?

Partnering with primary schools, we identify the children who are not attending school regularly. We work with community leaders to identify those who have dropout from school.

We will make house visits for evaluation and confirmation that the child qualifies to be sponsored. Upon receiving your donation, a child will be assign to you in 3-4weeks.


What will the beneficiaries receive?

With every child sponsored, the child and his/her family will received a bi-monthly food pack containing rice, cooking oil, salt and fish sauce. School uniforms, textbooks, stationary, shoes and exercise books will be given to the child.

Types of Sponsorship

Make a monthly donation of $50 x 12months, or
Make a one-time donation of $600 (1year), $1200 (2years) or $1800(3years)



Credit card or Paypal

Recurring Payment
One-time Payment


Cheque Payment

Please address your Cheques to: The Operation Hope Foundation Ltd
Our mailing address is : The Operation Hope Foundation Ltd, 352, Tanglin Road, #02-04/05, Singapore 247671
Kindly email: admin@ohf.org.sg to inform us of your donation
Please also include your mailing address at the back of the cheque so that we can send you your receipt with our gratitude.


Our preference is for donation via Giro. 
Click here to download the Giro form.

Bank Transfer

Please email admin@ohf.org.sg for bank transfer details.

1)    Who are we?
       Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) is a Singapore registered charity, and has offices and operations in

       Cambodia and Nepal. OHF's mission is to transform the lives of orphans and the rural poor in developing
       countries through community development projects where cost-benefit ratios are proprly managed to ensure
       that donations are used effectively for the poor.

2)    How do we ensure that your sponsored child attends school regularly?
       We work closely with individual primary schools for each child attendance and study progress. Reports
       of your assigned child will be sent to you every 6 months (reports are sent every April and October).

3)    How long do I need to be a sponsor for?
       The minimum period to be a sponsor is 1 year. This is to ensure that the child sponsored gets supported

       consistently and gets to finish one Grade year in school. 

4)    How many sponsors will my child have?
       A child will only be assign to one donor at a time to make sure that as many children get to benefit from

       our programme as possible.

5)    How does Sponsor A Child programme different to other charities’ child sponsorship?
       Many child sponsorship are community programs where the child benefit indirectly from it.

       (E.g. a well may be dug or a road repaired).
       OHF's Sponsor A Child programme provides DIRECT benefits to your sponsored child.

6)    Where does the money go?
       For every $1 you donate, $0.80 will directly benefit the child in terms of food pack or school necessity.

       The balance $0.20 will be use to operate the programme and ensure its sustainability in the future.

Didn’t find the answers to your question here? Please feel free to contact us anytime with regard to the Sponsor A Child programme.



The Operation Hope Foundation Ltd 
352 Tanglin Road #02-04 
Tanglin International Centre (Strathmore) 
Singapore 247671 
Phone: (65) 6254 3886 
E-mail: admin@ohf.org.sg 
Office hours from Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm.