[Compressed] Empty oxygen cylinders on street beside Covid patient, Kathmandu 12 May

The spread of Covid-19 has crippled many economies, especially poor countries like Nepal. Covid-19 cases in Nepal are skyrocketing at an alarming rate, with nearly 9,000 infections daily and the Nepal Minister of Health has admitted that their healthcare system is tragically overwhelmed. Nepal only has 0.7 doctors per 100,000 population (Source: World Bank), 1,595 ICU beds and 480 ventilators (Source: HEOC Nepal).

Sharing a 1,800km, open border with India – it is impossible for the government to control the high cross-border traffic. More recently, due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in India, many Indian citizens have fled to Nepal, hoping to escape their country’s second wave. (Source: CNN)

Beside the inadequate healthcare facilities, Nepal has seen a sharp increase in unemployment and poverty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 56% of Nepal’s households receive remittances from a family member who is working overseas. However, due to the pandemic, many Nepali migrant workers have lost their overseas jobs, thus stopping the flow of remittances to their families, resulting in their families facing hunger or skipping meals. (Source: Reuters)

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Having 20 years of experience working with the underprivileged in Nepal, OHF recognizes the desperate plea from Nepal.

We hear their cries and see their need for oxygen and food. All funds raised will be going to providing them with:

  • Food-packs
  • Oxygen Concentrators (which can be an alternative to their dwindling supply of oxygen tanks)

*Note: Oxygen concentrators provide medical grade oxygen to patients as an emergency alternative to using an oxygen tank, which usually only lasts about four hours.


OHF is a Singapore-registered charity (Charity registration number: 01521) and has been working in Nepal and Cambodia since 2001. The projects we have done in Nepal include our children’s home Hope Trust Nepal, chicken and goat farms, sewing and computer training classes and building over 150 rice bag houses for the 2015 earthquake victims.



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