As part of our children development programme, we encourage the children at Hope Village Prey Veng to develop artistic talents. Several drawing videos were installed on donated Android Tablets and the children were then given paper and pencils and instructed to follow the tutorials shown on the videos.

Covid has stopped Singaporean volunteers from from visiting Hope Village. We decided to try this video method of teaching the children as we could not find any instructors who could go over to Cambodia to teach the children. The videos have proven to be effective as the children have learnt proper drawing techniques and soon developed more creativity and imagination in their drawings.

Jeremy and Jacqueline from Covenant Presbyterian Church kindly volunteered to conduct weekly art lessons via Zoom for the children. They created fun and interactive activities to engage the children in learning English, Art and Bible Stories. A big thanks to Jeremy and Jacqueline for helping to develop amazing talents in these children!


Jeremy teaching the children via Zoom

View the image gallery below to view some of the drawings drawn by the HVPV children.