Company Description:

We have substantial operations in Cambodia and Nepal. We are a very hard driving, technically savvy, hard working and fast-paced charity. We are looking for committed staff who are keen to help the poor in developing countries. The work is challenging, exciting and offers opportunities for creativity and self-development. With a small team, each member plays an important role as there is a high degree of interdependency.

OHF principles of working as a team are:

  1. Conquer the unknown together
  2. It is impossible only, because you think so
  3. Do not confuse activity with work
  4. When in doubt, ASK
  5. Do what is needed, not what you like
  6. Allow different ways of achieving the same results
  7. Contribute facts not just opinions
  8. What you do affects others
  9. The Work is the Boss
  10. No one has all the answers

We expect our staff to have good decision-making skills, humility to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills, and to have the same vision and passion to help the poor.


The Singapore Senior Manager (“SSM”) will be the senior staff responsible for Operations Hope Foundation’s (“OHF”) Singapore operations. The SSM will report and take instructions from OHF’s Board. He is to work with the Senior Manager, Overseas Operations. The latter will be responsible for all our overseas projects.


The SSM will oversee all operations of the Singapore office which includes Public Relations, Fund Raising, Human Resources, Donors and Volunteers Databases, Finances and Administration matters.

  1. Public relations (“PR”)
    • Manage and improve OHF’s social and Internet profile, exposure and communication impact especially our monthly e-newsletter, website, YouTube videos and Facebook platforms.
    • Create awareness of and publicity for OHF through various media channels including newspapers, magazines, TV, social media and ad hoc events.
    • Assess, liaise and outsourced work to social media vendors and consultant(s).
    • Engage in networking events and expand our networking with other NGOs. Past experience and wide industry contacts are essentials.
  2. Fund Raising & Collaborations
    • Fund raising for OHF programs and projects
    • Marketing of overseas community outreach programs to schools, tertiary institutes, churches and to businesses as their corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) projects.
    • Seek grants to support our overseas community programs
    • Ensure timely and professional reporting and communications for all grant projects
    • Plan and organise fund raising events and donation appeals to raise funds for OHF
    • Broaden and increase our donor and partners/collaborators sources particularly with CSR divisions, grant-giving institutions, Christian organisations and overseas Foundations and NGOs to fund specific projects.
    • Organise donor and sponsor events.
    • Achieve the fund raising goal set by the Board.
  3. Finances
    • Recruitment and appraisal of staff and staff related matters
  4. Administration
    • Management of Singapore office administration and generate or update SOPs
    • Ensure existing donor and sponsor data base is well serviced and maintained


  • Requires minimum Degree level qualification with 5 years of work experience. Marketing and Communications related qualifications will be an advantage.
  • Must have the ability to influence others with excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Experience with Photoshop and Drupal will be an added advantage.
  • Skills and experience in Fund Raising projects and event management is essential.
  • Experience in customer service or relationship management roles will be an advantage.
  • Resourceful, analytical and ability to work independently with proven ability to manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously.
  • Positive attitude, good team player and able to work under pressure.
  • This is not a requirement, but having some knowledge of how churches mobilize their mission teams and trips would be an advantage.
  • Candidate must be a Singaporean/PR

Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries. Email to Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

      1. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that all financial reports and funds management are correctly recorded, analysed and controlled to achieve OHF’s financial integrity and prevention and detection of fraud.
      2. You will assist to review all monthly budgets from the field operations for timely funds disbursement.
      3. You will assist to analyse and summarise reports from our overseas projects on trends and propose changes where necessary.
      4. You should obtain, analyse and summarise reports from Singapore activities such as:
        • Donations and sponsors
        • Community Projects
        • Tracking of all Restricted and specified donations and reporting on progress
      5. You should support all projects’ financial planning, accounting and control.
      6. You will assist to establish and maintain Finance and accounting SOPs
      7. You will assist in issuance of receipt and payment vouchers, banking matters, HR matters and bank reconciliations
      8. You will also assist on administrative role as follows:
        • Attending to queries
        • Ensure all OHF regulatory and license matters are compliant and filed on a proper and timely manner.
      9. Ensure all OHF Singapore and overseas sites’ financial and regulatory records and supporting documentation are reliably backed-up and updated.
      10. As our projects are overseas, you may need to travel to the overseas centers
      11. As we have a small team, you will be expected to cover the jobs of other staff in the event of vacations, resignation or sickness.
      12. You will assist in other reasonable duties and other activities organized by OHF Singapore.


        • Minimum 2 years of General accounting experience.
        • Diploma or Accounting Certificate
        • Candidate must be a Singaporean or PR

    Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries. Email to

    Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


Overview of Responsibilities

The Resource Development Executive (RDE) is required to support our overseas operations which are in Cambodia and Nepal. We run orphanages, training centres and community projects with local staff, equipment, vehicles and our own buildings. Our web site has more details on what we do.

Some of the key tasks for RDE include:

  • Interviewing, selecting and training new staff in our overseas operating centres
  • Organising the work flow overseas (organisation chart and job description)
  • Monitoring the operations and ensure overseas facilities are well run
  • Involved in infrastructure work (renovation/repairs of buildings)
  • Monitoring and approving of budgeted expenses and prevent fraudulent practices
  • Involved in promoting OHF and fundraising events/programs
  • Start new projects which can range from income generating to community projects such as building houses and toilets for poor villagers
  • Improve or develop children programs to enhance their confidence, skills  and talents
  • Ensure orphanages are well maintained, clean and the children are disciplined and well behaved
  • Liaise with relevant Government officials for approvals and licenses
  • Meet the statutory obligations required by the Governments in the respective countries
  • Training and mentoring local staff to do their jobs
  • Project management of community programmes
  • Ensure our volunteer programmes are executed properly


  1. Diploma or Degree Holder in Business, Administration, Mass Communications, International Relations, Human Resource or any related field.
  2. Able and willing to stay in our overseas operations for up to 3 months per visit
  3. Must have the ability to multitask, micro-manage when necessary, communicate effectively, plan, delegate and organise work flow and projects.
  4. Must be a Singaporean/PR

Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries. Email to

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.