Company Description:

With nearly 20 years experience in Cambodia, OHF has a wealth of knowledge on how to manage and execute projects in developing countries.

The challenges working in developing countries are many, ranging from the lack of trained staff to a lackadaisical attitude towards corruption.

We have extensive operations in Cambodia with 35 Khmer staff running community, skills training  and volunteer projects as well as a children home. We are intimately involved with the operations and provide technical, financial and administrative support.

We have been actively expanding our operations in Nepal. Aside from our regular community rebuilding programme using the Rice Bag House methodology, we also have projects that aim to equip poor Nepali families with the knowledge to survive and earn a constant income.

Our income generating programme for Nepali families include Goat and Chicken Farming; while the programme that aims to empower the women of Nepal to be able to earn their own income includes Tailoring Training.

HVPV aerial
Hope Village Cambodia

We have large infrastructure to support our projects. The photo on the left is our children home in Cambodia.

With so many buildings, we need to look at maintenance, renovations and upgrades, repainting etc. In addition to the buildings, we have UV water treatment system, submersible well pump, rainwater harvestings, CCTV cameras, generator as well as computers and networks.

The photo on the right is one of our OHF community programmes. Our community projects includes building houses, wells and toilets. These projects require close project management and detailed monitoring of cost as well as ensuring quality of the construction.

Nepal Goat Photo
Nepal Rice Bag House Photo

The work in Nepal involves traveling over bad roads to rural communities.  Supervising the construction of rice bag houses requires field work and OHF staff will be expected to spend two weeks or more overseeing the project. They must be prepared to stay in basic accommodation, eat the same food as the Nepalis and ensure the cold winter nights and the hot summer days. OHF staff must understand how rice bag buildings are constructed, the correct materials needed and supervise the work to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

Happy couple with goat farming (2)
Chicken Farming in Nepal

The livelihood projects means we have to understand animal husbandry, examine the project to ensure they provide sustainable income to the beneficiaries. Our hands-on approach means we look into the details of the project to see if we can improve or reduce the cost.

OHF’s strength is its hands-on approach with the goal of a high benefit to cost ratio for the beneficiaries. We are looking at growth and expansion of existing as well as looking for new projects in other countries. We are at the very exciting growth phase!

Available Positions

There are currently no available positions.
If you feel the call to contribute or volunteer to support our cause, please write in to volunteer@ohf.org.sg. Thanks!