Company Description:

We have substantial operations in Cambodia and Nepal. We are a very hard driving, technically savvy, hard working and fast-paced charity. We are looking for committed staff who are keen to help the poor in developing countries. The work is challenging, exciting and offers opportunities for creativity and self-development. With a small team, each member plays an important role as there is a high degree of interdependency.

OHF principles of working as a team are:

  1. Conquer the unknown together
  2. It is impossible only, because you think so
  3. Do not confuse activity with work
  4. When in doubt, ASK
  5. Do what is needed, not what you like
  6. Allow different ways of achieving the same results
  7. Contribute facts not just opinions
  8. What you do affects others
  9. The Work is the Boss
  10. No one has all the answers

We expect our staff to have good decision-making skills, humility to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills, and to have the same vision and passion to help the poor.

Available Positions

  1. Senior Manager
Senior Manager
  • We are looking for a person with a passion to help the poor in developing countries .
  • Passion means having the willingness to spend time away from Singapore to remote areas in Nepal and Cambodia and having a drive to do more for the poor.
  • As it is unlikely that he will have the necessary skill set and experience , he must be prepared to work for a year as a management trainee to understand the work we are doing.
  • He should have an entrepreneur ¬†attitude to solve problems by diving deep into the issues and coming up with creative solutions.
  • A learning attitude is essential as he will need to acquire a wide range of knowledge, from fund raising to understanding our various livelihood and community projects.
  • He must have leadership and organisational skills and ability to grow the organisation.


Interested candidates, please submit a cover letter, a recent photograph, an updated CV with current and expected salaries.

Email to ohf.hrrecruitment@gmail.com. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.