Company Description:

Operation Hope Foundation is a Christian charity established in 2001 in Singapore. We work towards helping the poor in developing countries by building and managing orphanages, and community and livelihood projects. Details of our work can be seen at www.ohf.org.sg  We have many videos on our website that gives applicants a good picture of our work. OHF currently operates in Cambodia and Nepal.

Our key project is the 80,000 sq. ft Hope Village Prey Veng (HVPV), a children’s home for 120 kids, 70,000 sq. ft Hope Training Centre (HTC), and a beautiful children’s home in Pokhara, Nepal. Since 2002, we have spent over $6 million in Cambodia building houses, wells, toilets, and UV water systems, training rural youths, and providing a home for over 100 poor and abandoned children.

We focus on achieving a high benefit-to-cost ratio for both our donors and beneficiaries. We have a very hands-on approach to all our projects. We require dedicated and committed staff that can multitask, solves practical problems, willing and able to travel, and have compassion for the poor in developing countries.  We also stretch the donor’s money by eliminating fraud and wastage and ensuring our projects change lives and have beneficial impacts on the beneficiaries.

OHF has five areas of work.

  1.  OHF Child runs two children’s homes for impoverished and abandoned children.
  2.  OHF Volunteers arrange for volunteers to go overseas for community projects such as building houses and toilets
  3.  OHF Skills run training centers teaching rural youth skills to get a white-collar job.
  4.  OHF Community assists the poorest of the poor by building houses, wells, and toilets and helping the poor students with school supplies and food packs for their families.
  5.  OHF Solutions uses First World technology to solve Third World problems in areas such as food security, health, and the environment.

To learn more about our work, view these videos.

a. Red dot with a Big  Heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KepIjazdh7k&list=PLAopYMzIkX3cEwmE_4WpJIKX3K3Loablm

b. The Impossible Dream  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3AKv8wFggw&list=PLAopYMzIkX3cEwmE_4WpJIKX3K3Loablm&index=3

c. Corporate Social Responsibility – Building Projects  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMcKkC51TDs&list=PLAopYMzIkX3dUGqZpYehcVTRqfF_fI2qh&index=3

d. Hope for Khmer kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5HdbAJe5HU&list=PLAopYMzIkX3f94F8CD47MHA3CJquLOqfa&index=6


Available Positions

Donor Administrator
Job Description & Requirements
  1. To manage and track donations which can be from online portals such as Giving.sg, Stripe, and credit cards. Must be familiar with how to download data from payment portals.
  2. To create newsletters and mail them to supporters. Familiar with Canva and graphics software.
  3.  Communicate with existing as well as potential donors. Good English in written and spoken.
  4.  Provide reports to management. Good with Excel, Vlookup, pivot tables, and other formulas. This job requires heavy usage of Excel.
  5. Type letters and reports as needed by Chairman.
  6. Experience in MS Office such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.
  7.  Update WordPress website. Familiarity with WordPress will be an advantage.
  8.  Responsible, able to work independently, and familiar with administrative duties.
Operation Finance Executive

Operation Finance Executive is required to audit our overseas operations in Cambodia and Nepal. We run children’s homes, training center,  and community projects with overseas staff, equipment, vehicles, and our own buildings. Our website https://www.ohf.org.sg has more details on what we do. Please view the Youtube videos on our website to get a better understanding of what we do.

Some of the key tasks include (but are not limited to):

  1.  Audit and monitor expenses of overseas facilities.
  2.  Monitoring and approving budgets and analyzing expenses to detect fraudulent practices.
  3.  Ensure overseas staff submit relevant reports and follow SOPs.
  4.  Ensure that the right products are being purchased and properly specified. Often you have to google to find out what is being purchased and see if better alternatives are available.
  5.  Look for local sources in Cambodia and Nepal to find out what the price is for rice, cooking oil, meat, construction materials like cement, wood, roofing tiles, airlift pumps, pvc pipes, UV sterilizers, etc.


  1.  Good at Excel especially with formulas like pivot tables, Vlookup, dropdown lists, sumif functions, etc.
  2.  Analyze expenses by comparing them with previous months and detecting patterns in Year to Date spreadsheets.
  3.  Need to travel and be able to stay in our overseas operations for a few weeks to a month per visit.
  4.  Diploma or Degree Holder in Business, Administration, Mass Communication, International Relations, Human Resources, or any related field.
  5.  Passion to help the poor.
  6.  Must have the ability to multitask, micro-manage when necessary, communicate effectively and prepare relevant reports.
  7.  Willing to learn and acquire a wide range of topics (from water treatment, to animal husbandry to handicrafts)
  8.  Critical thinking, people skills, and problem-solving skills.
Operation Executive
  1.   Work out quotations and itineraries for teams volunteering to go to Cambodia to build houses, wells, or toilets.
  2.  Lead teams to Cambodia to ensure that the Khmer staff have organized properly such as materials are purchased, beneficiaries selected, and accommodation and meals are properly catered for.
  3.  Coordinate with Khmer staff to ensure the above are carried out before the team arrives.
  4.  When in Cambodia, ensure that the team members have work to do and that the project is properly organized, all tools, equipments and materials are available.
  5.  Work out the budget to be transferred to Cambodia.
  6.  Ensure that materials price are bought at the right price and no kickbacks are given to Khmer staff.
  7.  Help to source for better or lower-cost materials and equipment.
  8.  Ensure Khmer staff follows SOPs in executing the projects.
  9.  Market these volunteer programs to schools, tertiary institutions, companies, and churches.


  1.  Willing to travel to Cambodia or Nepal and stay up to 4 weeks if needed.
  2.  Able to adapt to local culture and work with the locals.
  3.  Have a passion to help the poor in developing countries.
  4.  Adventurous and independent mindset.
Please send your applications with resume to admin@ohf.org.sg