Operation Hope Foundation was founded in 2001 by Mr Robert Kee. Serving as a philanthropist and a volunteer before founding OHF, he learned that while many are keen to receive his funds, they are less enthusiastic about revealing in detail how the funds were spent. He decided that the best way would be to set up a foundation that owns the properties and assets, recruit the local staff and executes the programs with regular supervision from Singapore.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience in running Operation Hope Foundation, Robert Kee has developed several educational videos for NGOs to detect and prevent fraud in the cash-based system  nations such as Cambodia and Nepal.

  If you would like to reach out to Robert Kee to conduct workshops related to topics such as fraud prevention and operations audit, please write to admin@ohf.org.sg

Fraud Detection and Prevention – Why You Cannot Trust Receipts

How is Operation Hope Foundation as a NGO, different?