Hope Trust Nepal (HTN)

Started by Jason and Christina, our current children’s home is in Kathmandu but will soon be moved to Pokhara in 2020.

Some of the rural areas especially Western Nepal is very backward and poor. Some of the children are brought to the home by friends who bring tourists on trekking tours. During some of these tours, very poor villagers would ask if we can take care of these children. For example, a child was given to our friend John as her father had died and the mother was killed in a landslide. She had no relatives who could look after her.

At Hope Trust Nepal, the children attends private schools where English is the language of instruction. We believe that this is a good investment for our children. The younger children will be home tutored by Christina and another staff.

Hope Trust Nepal gives hope to these children who would otherwise have to struggle to survive in the harsh mountainous areas of Nepal. They are given love, care, proper meals, good education and taught to be disciplined and care for each other, especially the younger children.

Activities are important to engage children. Arts and crafts and other programmes provide stimulation for the children who learn to be creative and acquire skills like drawing and cooking.

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Volunteer and mission opportunities at our children's homes.

The new children’s home will be on a hill in Pokhara and home to 120 children. Construction has begun and the contract have been awarded even though we have not raised all the funds needed for the project. We believe that God will provide and in His time, He will touch the hearts of many donors.

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This home will provide many facilities for the children such as computer room, classrooms and a multipurpose hall. It will truly be a wonderful place for the children to grow up in.

Special Thanks

  • Ong and Ong and ADDP Architects who have contributed their professional services pro bono for this project
  • Volunteers Janice and Becky who have worked hard to make this project a reality

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