You can make hope real for disadvantaged children by being a Child Sponsor!
For S$120 a month, you can set a young life up for a brighter future.

Name: Sok Reoun

Age: 9 years old

Sok Reoun’s father left his family when he was just 2 years old, leaving him and his older sister under the care of his mother who is visually impaired. Struggling to provide for herself and her two young children, Sok Reoun’s mother decided to turn to the government for help to take care of Sok Reoun and his younger brother. Eventually, Sok Reoun are living in Hope Village and is growing up healthily now. 

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full Sponsorship)

On Narin

Name: On Narin

Age: 7 years old

On Narin’s father was contracted with lung disease and is unable to work and support the family. Narin’s mother is working as a helper and could only remit $50 back home. The rest of the family members are unable to take care of Narin. 

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full Sponsorship)

Touch Charan

Name: Touch Charann

Age: 7 years old

Charann’s father has left his family to become a monk and Charann’s mother was diagnosed with a chronic disease. Left without any options, she has decided to place Charann under his grandmother’s care while she works in another province. She had hoped that he is able to have 3-square meals daily, grow up with an education, and be able to develop to his full potential. 

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full Sponsorship)

Khan Nisa

Name: Khan Nisa

Age: 10 years old

Khan Nisa’s father left her mother when she was pregnant with Khan Nisa. Khan Nisa’s mother remarries and her 2nd husband works as a worker but never once remit any money home. Nisa’s mother is also jobless as she faces difficulty in employment due to her hand injury. She is also worried for her daughter as it is unsafe to live together with the stepfather and has reached out to OHF to place Nisa in HVPV to grow up safely and healthily.  

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full sponsorship)

Horm Pheim

Name: Horm Pheim

Age: 7 years old

Horm Pheim’s father works as a construction worker with an unstable daily income ranging from USD$3.75 to $5 to feed the family of 6. On top of the low income payout, Horm Pheim’s father had to sell  a plot of land to pay for Horm Pheim mother’s medical expenses. Unfortunately, Horm Pheim’s mother has yet to recover from her illness. Horm Pheim’s father has requested for OHF to help provide a better quality of life for his children.

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full sponsorship)

Koa Sima

Name: Koa Sima

Age: 9 years old

When Sima is 3 years old, Sima’s father abandoned the family for another woman and became uncontactable. Sima’s mother is unable to find a job due to an illness after giving birth to Sima’s younger brother. Sima’s family was staying at their uncle’s house and depending on them for support, and has to go hungry as they do not have food to eat at times.

Both Sima and Vanneth are siblings and they are now living in HVPV.

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full sponsorship)

Vuth Wat

Name: Vuth Wat

Age: 9 years old

Vuth Wat’s father left the family 7 years ago and has never contacted the family. Vuth Wat’s mother only has a small vegetable plot to feed a family of four. If she is lucky, she could earn US$6.25 per month. At other times, she could only make US$5 by selling dried cow dung. which is not enough to provide for her children. Vuth Wat is now living in Hope Village with his sister. 

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full sponsorship)


Name: Sean Heng

Age: 12 years old

Sean Heng’s father left his family ever since his younger sister was born.  Seng Heng’s mother is working as a Sunday school teacher, but she does not have a stable daily income. Most of their daily meals comes from a small vegetable plot which they owned. Their relatives are unable to support them too. Sean Heng’s mother decided to send both siblings to HVPV to have a better life and future.

Sponsorship needed: $120 (Full Sponsorship)


Name: Sam Nang

Age: 5 years old

Sam Nang’s father left her ever since she was born. Despite Sam Nang’s mother is working as a Sunday school teacher, she does not have a daily income and their daily meals comes from a small vegetable plot which they owned. Their relatives are unable to support them too. Sam Nang’s mother then decided to send both Sam Nang and her brother to have a better life and future at HVPV.

Sponsorship needed: $60 (Co-Sponsorship)

La Thean

Name: La Thean

Age: 12 years old

La Thean’s parents went to Phnom Penh to earn a living as factory workers. La Thean was taken care by his grandmother who has to look after 7 grandchildren as well. She is not working and could only depend on the USD$25 given by one of the family members. Even so, the money is used to purchase milk powder for a baby under her care. The rest of the grandchildren could only have duck eggs or fermented fish paste as their daily food.  

Sponsorship needed: $60 (Co-sponsorship)

To sponsor a child, click on the image. Under Child Sponsorship (Residential Home), select either co-sponsorship or full sponsorship, and write in to admin@ohf.org.sg to inform us about your child sponsorship decision. Thank you for giving these children a brighter future! 

Photo Gallery

Hope Village Cambodia

HVPV compound 

HVPV aerial

An aerial view of HVPV 

Singapore and Cambodia Flag flying high in HVPV compound

The Singapore and Cambodia flag flying high at HVPV compound

Hope Village Multipurpose hall

Multi-purpose hall


Main entrance


HVPV computer room


Recreation area

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Sports area


Dining area

baking area1-2

Baking area

Vegetable farm

HVPV vegetables’ farm




Children using computers


Children engaged in volley ball

exercise 1-2

Children exercising together

board games 1-2

Children playing board games together 


Children mending a food stall 


One of the HVPV children playing violin


HVPV children doing marketing at a nearby market


HVPV children doing area cleaning

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-09 at 12.56.46 PM

HVPV children washing vegetables together with house parents

HVPV children engaged in arts and craft

Children engaged in arts and craft


Children playing a game of Monopoly at the multi-purpose hall

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A HVPV child holding his handicraft


Playing skipping rope


HVPV boys playing soccer


HVPV children doing arts and craft

birthday 1-2

HVPV children celebrating birthday

HVPV children learning English

HVPV children learning English


Children playing Dominoes


HVPV children enjoying games planned by Covenant Presbyterian Church

Activity with HVPV Children

Queensway Baptist Church engaging the HVPV children with games 


Hilton playing Captain’s Ball with HVPV children

marathon 1-2

Zion Full Gospel Church organised a running race for HVPV children


Hilton engaging HVPV children with arts and craft


NUS chESS club conducting science experiment for HVPV children


Houseparent playing Reversi with the children


Houseparent conducting hygiene class with the children


Robert Kee, founder of OHF performing a magic trick to the children


Houseparent spending time with the children


Houseparent mending a food stall booth with the HVPV children

father's day 1-2

HVPV children celebrating Father’s Day with the houseparents

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