You can make hope real for disadvantaged children by being a Child Sponsor!
For S$120 a month, you can set a young life up for a brighter future.

Name: D.P

Age: 10 years old

D.P’s father walked out on the family, causing the mother to decide to leave D.P and her brother. Her grandmother took both children in, but eventually found work in Phnom Penh, leaving the children alone at home while she works. Knowing the children’s vulnerability and lack of care, their grandmother requested for Hope Village’s help to provide for them. Both siblings are living in Hope Village.

Sponsorship needed: $60 Co-sponsor


Name: S.K

Age: 13 years old

S.K is an orphan and lived with his grandmother. Realising that she was unable to fully provide for him, S.K’s grandmother requested that Hope Village care for him through compassionate sponsors. She had hoped that he is able to have 3-square meals daily, grow up with an education, and develop to his full potential. Living at Hope Village, he has all these and more! S.K. enjoys playing inline skating with his friends.

Sponsorship needed: $120 Full Sponsor


Name: L.H

Age: 15 years old

L.H is in Grade 8 this year. He is known among his house parents and friends as a hardworking boy. L.H’s father abandoned the family, and L.H’s mother struggled to provide for his every need and for herself. Deciding for L.H’s best interests, she approached Hope Village to care for him. She hopes that he receives opportunities in Hope Village where he could not in the village.

Sponsorship needed: $120 Full Sponsor


Name: N.R

Age: 9 years old

N.R’s mother walked out of him when he was young and his father was killed in an accident in 2018.  His grandmother, who has no house of her own, became his caregiver. They lived under the roof of a neighbour who empathised with their plight.  N.R’s grandmother hopes that he would grow up safely and happily in Hope Village and is able to have 3 square meals daily.

Sponsorship needed: $120 Full Sponsor


Name: R.S

Age: 9 years old

R.S’s father left his family when he was just 2 years old, leaving him and his older sister under the care of his mother who is visually impaired. Struggling to provide for herself and her two young children, R.S’s mother decided to turn to the government for help to take care of R.S and R.S’s younger brother. Eventually, R.S was placed in Hope Village for a better future. Both siblings are living in Hope Village.

Sponsorship needed: $120 Full Sponsor

To sponsor a child, click on the image. Under Child Sponsorship (Residential Home), select either co-sponsorship or full sponsorship, and write in to admin@ohf.org.sg to inform us about your child sponsorship decision. Thank you for giving these children a brighter future! 

Designed specifically for children

Covering an area of 80,000 sq ft, Hope Village Prey Veng is designed specifically for children. This includes a sports area for football, volleyball or badminton, computer rooms, classrooms and a large multipurpose hall.

With over 70 children, it is lively and buzzes with activities and much love. A full complement of staff looks after the children, overseen regularly by staff from OHF HQ in Singapore.

Children learn entrepreneurial skills

Children are encouraged to learn entrepreneurial skills as finding a job is not easy and the majority of Khmers are self employed. Our food stall projects during the school holidays teaches the children to make and sell muffins among other items.

We teach them how to calculate the cost and work out the gross profits and selling prices. They also learn about marketing, what can or cannot be sold and learn to change their products to suit the market.

The children will then keep the profits and many are excited to be able to earn money themselves!

We encourage them to develop their talents

OHF takes its responsibility to look after the poor and abandoned children seriously. We encourage them to develop their talents, be it in music, arts or sports.

Children are taught board games like Risk and Monopoly. It is amazing that our boys love to play a military strategy game like Risk! The children also excel in games like Othello, Connect 4 and Uno.

The children learn to use computers

A computer room is not just a room full of computers. A lot of effort is required to run a computer room.

The computer must have the appropriate software, there must be timetables and lesson plans for children from age 3 to 20. The computers must be maintained and rules have to be followed to prevent viruses and misuse of the computers.

The children take to the computers like ducks to water!

Character Development

Character development and teaching values are very important. Children keep their dormitories neat and clean. Tuition classes are held daily to help the children catch up on their school work.

Most important of all, the children have to feel loved and cared for and given every opportunity to improve themselves.

Opportunities to earn

From sports to growing vegetables, the children are also given the opportunity to learn and earn.

A personal bank book keep tracks of what they earned and some children could have as much as US$400 when they leave the home!

This money will help them transit from the home to the outside world.

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