You can make hope real for disadvantaged children by being a Child Sponsor!
Help set a young life up for a brighter future.

Please send email to admin@ohf.org.sg with the following information:

  1. Which country? Nepal or Cambodia?
  2. .Number of children you want to sponsor.

When we receive your email, we will send details of two children for you to select. The sponsored child will live in a fully fitted children’s home and will be cared for by a team of dedicated staff.  They will attend school, given tuition when necessary.  Have proper nutrition and healthcare.  Most important they will be taught skills and good habits that will ensure a bright future for him or her.

This video is from Chomnan, one of our Hope Village children who has graduated and was  able to save enough money to come to Singapore with another HVPV child Srey Neang.


The photo is taken in the OHF office in Singapore when Srey Neang and Chomnan visited Singapore.

Chomnan’s parents had separated when she was very young. She went to live with her grandfather. When her grandfather passed on, she went to live with her relative. She did not go to school and had to look after cows. At age 10, her cousin brought her to Hope Village where she could have proper education, and learn English. She was also taught life skills at the home.  Chomnan says that she is thankful and blessed to stay in Hope Village and she does not know how life will turn out if she had just stayed with her relative.


To know more about the children’s home in Cambodia and Nepal, click the following links

Cambodia: https://ohf.org.sg/hope-village-prey-veng-cambodia/

Nepal: https://ohf.org.sg/nepal-advancement-na/

Sponsor a Child – Empower Poor Village Kids

What is Hope Village Prey Veng?

We are a children’s home designed specifically for the poor children of Cambodia.

Our staff are alerted to cases in the community where children are abandoned, orphaned or living in terrible conditions. Some poor families reach out to us for help because they are unable to provide the best for their children and wish for them to have a better environment to grow up in and an opportunity at education.

Interviews with the families are conducted to check for eligibility as well as on the condition of the child. The parents / guardians must give their consent in the enrollment of the child to Hope Village.

Hope Village Building

Hope Village is equipped with a variety of facilities specifically for child development. Computers rooms, fields and sports facilities, classrooms, dormitories, multi-purpose hall and more!

Children using the computer
Hope Village Children
Children and Staff in Dormitory

Children are given a chance to grow up in a loving environment, with proper meals and an opportunity at education. The child sponsorship donation pays for all the food, utilities, education, medical bills, maintenance of the home and a host of other expenses incurred by the home. Your sponsored child receives your donation in both direct and tangible benefits.

The children are also exposed to entrepreneurial and learning opportunities such as:

    • Food stall projects during the school holidays, where they learn how to do business
    • Taking care of their own vegetable garden
    • Going to the markets to help buy food for meals

The children each have their own personal bank books which will keep track of all they have earned from projects, chores and other ad-hoc activities. The money will be given to them when they graduate Hope Village, to which they can use to help them navigate the world.

Boys buying food from the market

Photo Gallery

Hope Village Cambodia

HVPV compound 

HVPV aerial

An aerial view of HVPV 

Singapore and Cambodia Flag flying high in HVPV compound

The Singapore and Cambodia flag flying high at HVPV compound

Hope Village Multipurpose hall

Multi-purpose hall


Main entrance


HVPV computer room


Recreation area

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-23 at 9.46.12 AM

Sports area


Dining area

baking area1-2

Baking area

Vegetable farm

HVPV vegetables’ farm




Children using computers


Children engaged in volley ball

exercise 1-2

Children exercising together

board games 1-2

Children playing board games together 


Children mending a food stall 


One of the HVPV children playing violin


HVPV children doing marketing at a nearby market


HVPV children doing area cleaning

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-09 at 12.56.46 PM

HVPV children washing vegetables together with house parents

HVPV children engaged in arts and craft

Children engaged in arts and craft


Children playing a game of Monopoly at the multi-purpose hall

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-09 at 12.56.47 PM (1)

A HVPV child holding his handicraft


Playing skipping rope


HVPV boys playing soccer


HVPV children doing arts and craft

birthday 1-2

HVPV children celebrating birthday

HVPV children learning English

HVPV children learning English


Children playing Dominoes


HVPV children enjoying games planned by Covenant Presbyterian Church

Activity with HVPV Children

Queensway Baptist Church engaging the HVPV children with games 


Hilton playing Captain’s Ball with HVPV children

marathon 1-2

Zion Full Gospel Church organised a running race for HVPV children


Hilton engaging HVPV children with arts and craft


NUS chESS club conducting science experiment for HVPV children


Houseparent playing Reversi with the children


Houseparent conducting hygiene class with the children


Robert Kee, founder of OHF performing a magic trick to the children


Houseparent spending time with the children


Houseparent mending a food stall booth with the HVPV children

father's day 1-2

HVPV children celebrating Father’s Day with the houseparents

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