You can Make Hope Real for disadvantaged children by being a Child Sponsor!

Please send an email to admin@ohf.org.sg with the following information:

    1. Which country? Nepal or Cambodia?
    2.  The number of children you want to sponsor?

 When we receive your email, we will send details of two children for you to select. The sponsored child will live in a fully fitted children’s home and will be cared for by a team of dedicated staff.  They will attend school, be given tuition when necessary, and have proper nutrition and healthcare. Most important they will be taught skills and good habits that will ensure a bright future for him or her. 

This video is from Chomnan, one of our Hope Village children who has graduated and was  able to save enough money to come to Singapore with another HVPV child Srey Neang.


Photo taken when Chomnan was in Singapore

Chomnan’s parents were separated when she was very young and went to live with her grandfather.  When her grandfather died, she had to move and stay with a relative. Her relative do not have the means to send her to school and was asked to look after the cows.  At age 10, her cousin brought her to Hope Village where she is given the opportunity to attend school to have a proper education, and learn English and life skills.  Chomnan knows that she is very blessed to have stayed in Hope Village to improve her life and future with the monthly sponsorship from a kind and generous sponsor.


If you are interested to sponsor a child from HVPV or NA, please select one of the picture below.

Hope Village Prey Veng, Cambodia

hvpv girls

Nepal Advancement, Pokhara

HTN kids