Hope Trust Nepal gives hope to these children who would otherwise have to struggle to survive in the harsh mountainous areas of Nepal. Your donation is carefully stewarded to help meet the greatest needs of  each children. They are given love, care, proper meals and good education in Hope Trust Nepal and all the children attends private schools where English is the language of instruction. We believe that this is a good investment for our children. 

Your sponsorship will help change a child’s future for the better. Be a child’s hero today. 

NA Sipora Ghatani

Name:  Sipo*

Age:  6 years old

Child ID: N96

Sipo* is 6 years old. Her father abandoned her mother when she became blind due to an operation that went wrong.  After her father left her mother, Sipo* was born and she never met her father. Her mother does not have any property, or land and financially she is not able to take care of Sipo* basic needs and education. 


$100 (Full sponsorship)

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Thank you once again for making a difference in the lives of these children!

*The child’s name reflected on the website have been changed to nicknames to protect the child’s identity. We will release the full name of the child to the sponsors once the sponsorship has been confirmed.