Help give 120 poor and abandoned Nepali children a beautiful home in the mountains of Pokhara

A home is not a house without furniture. Help us complete this new children’s home!

Hope Trust Nepal has been providing a safe and nurturing haven for 40 poor and abandoned children in our home in Kathmandu, a bustling city with high traffic and population density. But in 2019, these children will be moving to their new home in Pokhara! 

Pokhara is nestled between lush green hills and the new home will be overlooked by the snowy Himalayan mountain. Pokhara’s pace is slower than that of Kathmandu, providing a relaxed environment with fresh air for our children.

The new home will have a bigger space for 120 children. They will no longer need to cramp within the small perimeters and will be able to run around freely and enjoy the breeze.

The new house still has several missing pieces to make it a perfect home for our children. A home wouldn’t be complete without these basic necessities:

  • A warm and cosy dormitory for our precious children  
  • Computer rooms to hone computer literacy and skills of the children and the community
  • Vehicles as the mode of transport to ferry our children to-and-fro school 
  • Fencing to ensure our new home is safe and secure for our children 
  • Furnishings to make the new home welcoming and homely 

Help us to raise $159,000 to make a perfect children’s haven

Meet some of our Hope Trust Nepal Children!

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