Breathing New Life into Hope Trust Nepal

From a cramped 3 story building in crowded Kathmandu, our 42 HTN children will be moving to Pokhara, where the home is located on a scenic hill with cleaner air and a large premises enough to house up to 120 children. This means that the children will have a lot of space for activities and accommodation!

Pokhara is a beautiful place, with a more suitable environment conducive for the growth and welfare of our HTN children. Having a larger premises means that we are able to provide more facilities for the children such as computer rooms, more classrooms and a multi-purpose hall. It truly will be a wonderful place for the children to grow up in.

Construction has progressed well and the home is almost completed. To provide the best for our HTN children, we have pushed against all odds to build the home and have been funding the project with our OHF reserves. Your donations will help us greatly to fit right into this new home.

Your generous donations will go to these areas in need:

Items needed Estimated cost in Nepali Rupees
18-seater School Van 3,400,000
4-wheeled Truck with Cabin 4,170,000
Scooter 16,000
Computers 800,000
Dormitory Fit-outs 865,000
Kitchen Fit-outs 237,810

If you have the calling in your heart to support this project, click on the donation button below to contribute.

For any enquiries, please write to us at admin@ohf.org.sg.