Nepal Advancement (NA)

Even though it is rich in cultural heritage, Nepal remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. Various reasons contribute to this issue – from Nepal being landlocked to political instability to natural disasters.

Our children’s hostel – Nepal Advancement, Nepal – remains a beacon of light and our team is doing all they can to help the strikingly poor children in Nepal.

Some of the rural areas especially Western Nepal are very backward and poor. Some of the children are brought to the home by friends who bring tourists on trekking tours. During some of these tours, very poor villagers would ask if we can take care of these children. For example, a child was given to our friend John as her father had died and the mother was killed in a landslide. She had no relatives who could look after her.

At Nepal Advancement,  the children attend private schools where English is the language of instruction. We believe that this is a good investment for our children. The younger children will be home tutored by our NA staff.

Nepal Advancement gives hope to these children who would otherwise have to struggle to survive in the harsh mountainous areas of Nepal. They are given love, care, proper meals, good education and taught to be disciplined and care for each other, especially the younger children.

Activities are important to engage children. Arts and crafts and other programs provide stimulation for the children who learn to be creative and acquire skills like drawing and cooking.

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Nepal Advancementl children’s home at Kathmandu has moved up to Pokhara, where the new home is located on a scenic hill and will be able to house up to 120 children. The new hostel is now known as Nepal Advancement (NA).

Pokhara is a beautiful place, with a much better and more suitable environment that will be more conducive to the growth and welfare of our NA children. This new home will provide more facilities for the children such as computer rooms, more classrooms, and a multi-purpose hall. It truly will be a wonderful place for the children to grow up in.

Construction has progressed well and the home is completed. To provide the best for our  NA children, we have pushed against all odds to build the home and have been funding the project with our OHF reserves.

If you feel the call to contribute to the replenishment and provision of our NA children, click here to make a donation.

Your generosity will go to providing a better life for these children.

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