Nepal Earthquake 2015: HTN children’s testimonies

On Saturday, 25 April 2015, the ground beneath Nepal shook violently. The earthquake measured 7.8 on the richter scale and many homes were destroyed. While our hearts go out to those who lost their lives, loved ones and homes, we also praise God that all our children at HTN escaped unharmed and that their current humble home in Kathmandu and future home in Pokhara also remained undamaged.

Here, we attach the testimonies of five of our children following the disaster:


“When the earth shook on 17th September 2011, I was scared to death as it was my first time and I had fever for a week after that. But this time I had already built up courage to fight the fear. Few days of our lives as slums was enough to teach us lessons about how fortunate we are to live in a family full of love, care and protection. Because of God we have been able to keep our brothers and sister safe and under a roof at this time of utter devastation. In fact, we are slowly getting used to a life with constant aftershocks.” [sic] – Melinda, 16


“The moment when the earthquake hit Nepal I felt the ground shaking up and down and making a round turn very furiously and even heard a small sound of the land knocking with each other. At that time I was scared and understood what true fear was. Slowly when the earthquake calmed down the fear in me also ran away. The next time when the tremor came I didn’t panic but my body felt on high alert to react. But despite of all the difficulties that I had experience I could say that I’m so lucky because I’m still alive and because of this earthquake it makes me realise that without God I’m nothing.” [sic] – Jonathan, 15


“When the earthquake strike at Nepal I was frightened a bit whether I would die or not. But slowly my fear vanished away. I didn’t panic too much. So, this make me ready to react. I noticed that the people who are rich and poor is same in this earthquake. When the tremor came bit by bit I wasn’t frightened anymore. I felt lucky to be saved without any harm by God’s grace. It realise all the people that without God we all people are nothing.” [sic] – Justin, 14


“Though I had some fear within me during the earthquake I was brave enough not to drop a single tear from my eyes and kept all brothers and sisters safe with a hope that we’ll all be okay in no time. I got to experience how it feels to be away from home despite that to sleep outside. It reminded me about the slum people who live out there every day and I’ve learned a lesson to be thankful for everything that I’ve been given.” [sic] – Karen, 16


“When the 7.8 richter scale earthquake hit the grounds, I was scared but didn’t panic and knew what to do in such times. Later when there were tremors I wasn’t scared anymore because I was already well experienced and could give quick reaction. I felt that the earthquake brought equality for sometime between the rich and poor because all had to spend their days and nights under the tent for few days except for those who lost their lives and homes. I felt lucky not just to be survived but also to experience a very strong earthquake during my life time. I now know what to do and how to react in such situation by this disaster on 25th April 11:56 am. I even thanked God for His protection.” [sic] – Calvin, 17

Interested to lend a helping hand to those in need? Help rebuild homes here: https://ohf.org.sg/nepal-earthquake-rebuilding-project/

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