OHF Community is About

Helping the poorest of the poor in a community. Trapped with no assets, no decent livelihood, they are forced to provide labour at very low rates. In rural villages where agriculture is the main source of income, those with no land or land less than one hectare, can only grow rice for their own consumption. Thousands of these poor villagers live in ramshackle houses with leaking roofs and broken walls.

In Cambodia, OHF Community runs the following programmes

  • Safe Housing – House Building Programme
  • Clean Water – Well Drilling Programme
  • Sanitation – Toilet Building Programme
  • Safe Drinking Water – UV Sterilisation Water System Building Building Programme

In Nepal, we focus on rebuilding houses that were destroyed by the devastating earthquakes in 2015. Our low-cost, earthquake-proof design has been approved by the Nepali government.

Donate a House, Well or Toilet Today!

OHF Community Development programme has brought joy, hope and self-esteem to hundreds of poor villagers.



Accountability is paramount. Procedures are in place to ensure the right people receive the houses, that no bribes are being paid and that the houses are actually built. Regular audits are also made to ensure the houses are properly constructed.

Community programmes are hard to execute properly. Proper survey must be done to ensure that help is given to the poorest of the poor. We have to ensure the houses, wells and toilets are properly built. Hence, we have our own team of workers for our building projects. When we do hire contractors, we have our staff oversee the construction. We have careful procedures in place to prevent staff from claiming cost more than what was actually spent. To reduce cost, we purchase materials and supplies in bulk and store them in our centres whenever possible. We even have our own rig, generators and pumps to drill the wells.

Photos of the houses, wells or toilets are taken with GPS cameras so that the GPS information is embedded into the photo. This prevents the same house, well or toilet to be shown several times as different projects. Random audits are also conducted by our staff as well.

We are seeking individual donors and foundations to support OHF Community. We offer accountability and confidence that your donations will be properly used.