OHF Skills Programme

Livelihood For The Poor

Jobs not only provide money to buy food, clothing and other necessities of life, but also dignity and Joy. To the unemployed or those who have not been able to work on a daily basis, the ability to work every day is a joyful experience.

OHF Skills Program equips young school leavers with the needed skills to get a white collar job via our Training Job Skills for the Service Sector (TJSSS) Training program. TJSSS teaches the English language, computer and business skills.


English Language

Students are given mp3 players with podcasts in English to listen to. They learn English using software and are given many hours of video lessons as well. The primary aim is for them to be able to read and write basic English after the course.

When we have overseas volunteers, these volunteers will interact with the students giving them the exposure much needed to communicate with foreigners.

The ability to speak English well is key to getting a good job!


Computers Skills

We teach not only Microsoft Office but a variety of other softwares that which help them to enhance their productivity in their future companies that they will work in. They also learn how to communicate and plan effectively using Mind Maps.

Using a graphics software, the students learn video editing and develop the ability to create brochures. Practical lessons like how to set up network storage and printers, backups of key folders and simple hardware repairs are also included in their syllabus.

They also learn how to use simple tools like ‘ping’ to troubleshoot networks. Students are taught to use Excel functions like pivot and lookup tables to efficiently manage inventory and extract management information. Free software such as ‘WeTransfer’ (to send large files over the internet) are also introduced to them.



TJSSS teaches students the right attitudes to work in a company. For example, to ask if they are not sure, to be discipline, punctual and honest. They are told the importance of doing one’s work well without needing supervision. Having the right attitude is what many employers like to see in their staff!



TJSSS teaches decision making and problem solving skills. Other skills are planning (flow charts, Gantt charts), creativity and thinking. Life skills like saving money, planning for the future and understanding the need to keep on learning are taught through success stories.


TJSSS Programme Cambodia

Our Hope Training Centre in Cambodia is also a Livelihood & Training Centre. It houses the Training Job Skills for the Service Sector (TJSSS) program which provides a three months and a seven months residential training inclusive of accommodation.