OHF runs Open Teams over pre-determined dates as part of our OHF Volunteer programme. The difference, however, is that Open Teams cater to individuals or small groups who are interested in volunteering but unable to form their own teams. By creating Open Teams, OHF helps to link such individuals and small groups to form teams big enough to go on building trips to Cambodia and Nepal. Joining an Open Team is a fun way to meet like-minded people whilst serving the community meaningfully.

Cambodia Open Team

Trips typically last 4 days:

Build a House (4D3N)

Build a House in Cambodia

2020 Dates

We will update soon!
Please check back for upcoming dates, or write to admin@ohf.org.sg for more enquiries.

Volunteers’ accommodation: Hope Training Centre



Nepal Open Team

Trips typically last 5 days:

Build a House (5D4N)

Build a rice bag house in Nepal

2020 Dates

26-30 November          TBC


We will update soon!
Please check back for upcoming dates, or write to admin@ohf.org.sg for more enquiries.

Nepal Project: Rice Bag House
Nepal August Open Team
Completed RBH

Volunteers’ accommodation in Banepa: Harvest Training Centre


What past Open Team participants have to say about their experience:

“I learnt about the real harsh environment the Cambodian villagers are living in and yet they seem to be contented. I enjoyed the ‘workout’ during the building of the house, using my hands to help others.” – Keen Keong (March 2016)

“It was my first time doing volunteer work and I’m glad I could have this opportunity to help out.” – Swee Sen (August 2015)

“Open Teams is a good idea as people from different walks of life get to meet together and do something good. You make friends and you also get to accomplish your goals at the end of the day.” – Amir (August 2015)

“Not everyone is born into good living conditions and have access to good education. The people that OHF help are those who are really in need. It was a real eye-opener to witness how the villagers’ lives are and how much the construction of basic necessities make a difference to their lives.” – Yue Xiang (August 2015)


Registration and Queries
To register or enquire of the building project, costs and other enquiries, please e-mail us at volunteer@ohf.org.sg.