School Outstanding Student – Em Hong Boran

By Evangeline Lin

This month, one of our HVPV children, Em Hong Boran, 15, a 9th grader from Ang Doung High School was given a School Outstanding Student award. Boran was one out of only four students in Prey Veng to be chosen for this award, as a result of passing a special Mathematics exam.

This exam is the first of a series of exams that leads to Outstanding Student awards up to a national level – School Outstanding Student, Province Outstanding Student and Cambodia Outstanding Student. Award winners at the Province and National level will receive cash prizes of up to a million Riel, which could help the student pay for his or her further education.

We are extremely proud of and encouraged by Boran’s performance and continue to pray that our other children will be inspired by his example, a result of hardwork and self-motivation.


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