Singapore Pre-schoolers in Unity with Underprivileged Cambodian Children

Singapore Pre-schoolers in Unity with Underprivileged Cambodian Children

18th August 2020 – Hampton pre-schoolers in Bishan today celebrated their first anniversary of supporting their Cambodian pen-pals at Hope Village Prey Veng, a children’s village run by grassroots charity Operation Hope Foundation.

The pre-schoolers write to their counterparts in Cambodia regularly and Hampton has organised a fundraising event where the children’s artworks were auctioned off to parents and friends of the centre, and the proceeds were donated towards a UV sterilisation water system for a school in Prey Veng province, Cambodia, and to the running of Hope Village Prey Veng.

(Photo by: Hampton Pre-School Bishan)

Founder of Operation Hope Foundation, Mr Robert Kee said:

“We feel very blessed to have had such wonderful and adorable partners to help fundraise for our underprivileged beneficiaries. Children in Prey Veng often come from backgrounds where clean drinking water, safe housing and even sanitation is lacking, so we welcome as much assistance as possible to keep them safe and in school.

Our mission is to spread awareness and to alleviate poverty as much as we are able, and working with local schools, parents and children helps to build a more humane and altruistic atmosphere in Singapore.”

Ms Norijah Ali, Centre Principal of Hampton Pre-School (Bishan) said:

“In Hampton, our approach to learning stems from respect, responsibility and community where learning happens through exploration, discovery and play. We organise annual exhibitions, not only to celebrate the children’s learning but also to invite the school community of children, teachers, and families to be part of our initiative to make a difference to the lives of those who are less fortunate. Raising funds to aid children in Cambodia through our exhibition was a meaningful experience that has taught us compassion, consideration and gratitude. Especially in these trying times, we feel that education that includes humanitarian elements will help shape children into responsible and compassionate leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.”

From left: Ms Luo Hong, Ms Ng Yoon Ler, Mr Robert Kee and Ms Norijah Ali
(Photo by: Hampton Pre-School Bishan)

Hampton Pre-School is a PAP Community Foundation (PCF) child-care centre managed by EtonHouse International Education Group. Hampton Pre-School commenced operations in December 2009, under the initiative of our then Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Wong Kan Seng, Bishan East PAP Community Foundation and EtonHouse to bring quality pre-school education to the community.

Being the first PCF child-care centre managed by a private education provider, Hampton Pre-School receives direct support, in terms of its programme delivery, classroom set-up and pedagogical training from the EtonHouse International Education Group.

Hampton Pre-School’s image of a child is that of an active, curious learner and effective communicator. Learning experiences are carefully planned and aligned with the children’s interests and development. Children therefore build on their prior knowledge and develop an ownership of their learning thus developing into confident life-long learners.

In photo: Ms Sabrina Heng conducting a lesson with the children
(Photo by: Hampton Pre-School Bishan)

In 1994, Operation Hope Foundation Founder Mr. Robert Kee felt called to help the children in Cambodia after watching a TV program, “Inside Asia” on child prostitution in Cambodia.

Serving as a philanthropist and volunteer, he learned that while many are keen to receive his funds, they are less enthusiastic about revealing in detail how the funds were spent. He decided that the best way would be to set up a foundation that owns the properties and assets, recruit the local staff and executes the programs with regular supervision from Singapore.

Rather than donating money to third parties in the countries concerned, OHF sets up its own entities in the various countries and build, manage and own its facilities. In this way, accountability and soft skills can be implemented in a structured and disciplined manner.

To date, OHF runs three programmes: OHF CHILD, OHF COMMUNITY and OHF SKILLS.

For more information on OHF programmes: https://ohf.org.sg/our-programmes/.

For more information on Hampton Pre-School here: https://www.hampton.edu.sg/.

For any media enquiries, please email to Ms Jan Soh at jansoh@ohf.org.sg.

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