OHF Skills

TJSSS Beneficiary: SEAK LENG


We studied computer – Excel, Word, Photoshop, Coral Draw, and others – things that help us to find a good job. I enjoyed learning English and Computer, especially. I had never used a computer before, and did not know how to try it. But since I joined TJSSS, I had fun and saw my teachers type so fast. It was difficult for me at first, but now I have improved my typing.

After six months, I could develop myself and it’s so strange now, I feel capable and more confident with myself. I hope that after this, I will get a good job. I plan to go back home and tell my mother that I want to study in Siem Reap and work there at the same time.

Some people do not have enough money or do not know where to go or what to do but they can have an opportunity to continue their studies here. Because without money, a place to stay or food, we cannot study. But here, we have everything we need so we don’t need to worry and can concentrate on our studies.

As of April 2016, he is working as a guide cum interpreter at a shooting range for tourist in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

TJSSS Beneficiary: BUN SONG

Bun Song

One of our success stories is about Prum Bunsong, a TJSSS alumni in 2016. He used to be very poor. He was trying to run a photography and printing business, but the lack of exposure and skillset did not help the fledgeling business. After he heard about the TJSSS programme and the classes taught, he decided to enrol in the course for self-development. With the new skills learnt from TJSSS, Bunsong returned to the business and begin to strategically plan to meet the needs of the community. With the Photoshop and Corel skills learnt during TJSSS, he expanded his business by designing and printing wedding invites as well as jersey printing. Bunsong’s business grew and has improved the lives of his family members; he has extended the size of his home and purchased a new motorbike.

As of April 2018, Bun Song has expanded his business and now owns 22 printers – a huge difference from the business’s humble beginnings with only 1 printer.  


OHF Child

Hope Village Beneficiary: CHOMNAN


Hope Village made a big difference in my life. When I was staying in OHF, I could go to school, learned the English language, had computer classes, and got the chance to communicate with other children from Singapore teams.

We could practice our English language when they visit. Food as well as clothes were provided at the children’s home. I got to experience God’s love from Christian groups.

As of February 2018, Chomnan is working in a guesthouse in Siem Reap.

Hope Village Beneficiary: BORAN

Boran 2

In Cambodia, only a small percentage of students nationwide are able to score ‘A’ or’B’ grades and Boran is the first HVPV to achieved a ‘B’ grade for his national grade 12 exams in 2018.

As of May 2019, Boran is now pursuing a degree in International Trade Major at Royal University of Phnom Penh.


OHF Community

Well Beneficiary: CHEA BONA


Chea Bona has an eye disorder which affects his sight. With the nearest water source located 500m away, it was extremely challenging for him and his wife to retrieve water for his family.

Receiving a well has given Chea Bona’s family convenience and ease of access to clean water. They no longer have to walk long distances to obtain water to wash, no water crops and to cook.

House Beneficiary: VEN CHEANG LIA

House Beneficiary - Cheang Lia

Ven Cheang Lia lived in a shack made up of dried palm leaves, plastic, small bamboo and zinc. During rainy season, she would get drenched and all her possessions would be wet.

In June 2018, Cheang Lia was gifted a decent shelter and when we conducted a follow-up visit two months later, she was beaming with joy!  She shared with the OHF team that she became healthier after living in a new home. With the improvement in her living conditions, Cheang Lia has a renewed outlook of life and is motivated to be more self-sufficient.

Toilet Beneficiary: KHET YAN

OHF Toilet Beneficiary

Khet Yan and her 7-years-old daughter lives in a dilapidated shack. They do not have basic access to sanitation facilities and could only dig up small holes around their house to defecate in open.

For Khet Yan and her daughter, having access to a toilet is important for their health, safety and dignity. Khet Yan and her daughter were delighted to receive a proper toilet and put an end to open defecation!