Terms and Conditions for Donations

  1. All donations made to OHF will not be entitled to any tax exemption.
  2. If insufficient donations are received for a particular fundraising programme, OHF reserves the right to channel any funds raised to other programmes where the need is greatest.
  3. For recurring donations, the charge will continue unless otherwise advised. All transactions of your contribution will be reflected in your credit card or bank statement, depending on the mode of recurring donation.
  4. 20% of your contributions goes to covering OHF’s administrative costs to keep us sustainable. Administrative costs include finance and accounting functions, information technology for better efficiency, postal services, telecommunication, human resources, legal services, risk management, fixed office overheads and public awareness programmes such as marketing, creative services and publishing. Our OHF Approach to maximising the benefit to cost ratio ensures that this is strictly maintained. For more information please refer to our OHF Approach page.