Our Hope Training Centre in Cambodia is also a Livelihood & Training Centre. It houses the Training Job Skills for the Service Sector (TJSSS) program which provides a three months and a seven months residential training inclusive of accommodation.

In a country where the vast majority of the population work in the informal sector, getting a steady job that pays a regular salary is no easy feat. More than 80 per cent of workers are in vulnerable employment, such as unpaid family work and own-account work, according to an ILO-backed 2010 report by the Cambodian National Institute of Statistics.

The OHF TJSSS programme is a fully residential programme which provides training in English language, technical computer skills and attitude. TJSSS equips individuals with basic literacy in computer and workplace ethics and seeks to empower them through an independent learning approach. Youths from rural backgrounds are selected to attend this training where they receive instruction, accommodation and meals for free. With TJSSS training, the students acquire greater confidence in applying for a white collar job. Most importantly, they now aspire for a better paid job that requires thinking skills rather than labour.

2017 Summary:

1. Beneficiaries of TJSSS programme
Number of TJSSS batches 2

Batch 13 (7-month course)

Batch 14 (3-month course)

Total number of students enrolled 105
Total number of students completed 82
Total number of students dropped out 23
2. Types of jobs obtained after TJSSS programme:

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  • $600 can sponsor one TJSSS student a 3 months course
  • $1,200 can sponsor one TJSSS student a 7 months course
TJSSS Bursary

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