Child Sponsorship (Residential) FAQS:

Question: What is Child Sponsorship (Residential) about?

We provide a home for poor orphans and abandoned children. Creating an environment where the children feel loved and at home is our utmost importance as this builds up their self-esteem and confidence in wanting a better future. We ensure that our children has proper education, food, and health and we train them in skills that would enable them to earn a living after leaving the home. In our children’s home, we encourage thinking skills, mastering English, learning computers and interpersonal skills. Besides technical skills, the children are taught to be self-disciplined and determined through our character-building activities such as games, daily cleaning and meal preparation. Thus, this will provide our children with a better advantage to find jobs in the future. 

Question: Where does Operation Hope Foundation operate in? 

Operation Hope Foundation has children homes in Cambodia and Nepal.

Question:  When did the first children home started? 

The first home was opened in Dec 2003 in Cambodia. To date we have over two hundred children and over forty have graduated.

Question: What does my child sponsorship do for the sponsored child?

In OHF, the sponsored child lives in a fully equipped children home with computer rooms, sports facilities, proper meals, good education and a loving environment where they are properly cared for. The child sponsorship donation pays for food, utilities, education, medical bills, staff salaries, maintenance and a host of expenses incurred by the home. These are direct and tangible benefits that the sponsored child receives. Feel free to approach us to probe and ask for the details of how your child sponsorship donations reach the child.

Question: How do the children home benefits my sponsored child? 

Well-run children home can provide long-term future for poor children. Sadly, many children homes or orphanages are operated as businesses to benefit the operator. OHF is one organisation which runs proper children homes with good facilities and children programs. For example, our children have access to at least two hours of computer lesson per week, learn English and have the opportunity to interact with foreign-volunteers. After fifteen years, more than fifty children have left Hope Village Prey Veng and all are grateful to have been brought up in a loving environment. We believe that well-operated children homes will provide a good future for desperately poor children.

Sponsor a child (Non-Residential) FAQS:

Question: How long do I need to be a sponsor for?

The minimum period to be a sponsor is 1 year. This is to ensure that the child sponsored gets supported consistently and gets to finish one Grade year in school. 

Question: How many sponsors will my child have?
A child will only be assigned to one donor at a time to make sure that as many children get to benefit from our programme as possible

Question: How does Sponsor A Child programme different from other charities’ child sponsorship?
Many child sponsorships are community programs where the child benefit indirectly from it. (E.g. a well may be dug or a road repaired). OHF’s Sponsor A Child programme provides DIRECT benefits to your sponsored child.

Question: Where does the money go?
For every $1 you donate, $0.80 will directly benefit the child in terms of food pack or school necessity.
The balance $0.20 will be used to operate the programme and ensure its sustainability in the future.


Question: What classes does TJSSS conduct? 
The OHF TJSSS programme  provides training in English language, technical computer skills and attitude. TJSSS equips individuals with basic literacy in computer and workplace ethics and seeks to empower them through an independent learning approach.

Question: Who is entitled to join TJSSS?

Youths from rural backgrounds are selected to attend this training where they receive instruction, accommodation and meals for free. With TJSSS training, the students acquire greater confidence in applying for a white collar job. Most importantly, they now aspire for a better paid job that requires thinking skills rather than labour.

About Us FAQS:

Question: What is Operation Hope Foundation?
Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) is a Singapore registered charity and has offices and operations in Cambodia and Nepal. OHF’s mission is to transform the lives of orphans and the rural poor in developing countries through community development projects where cost-benefit ratios are properly managed to ensure that donations are used effectively for the poor.

Question: How does OHF ensure that the procedures are right in place?

Accountability is paramount. Procedures are in place to ensure the right people receive the houses, that no bribes are being paid and that the houses are actually built. Regular audits are also made to ensure the houses are properly constructed.

Community programmes are hard to execute properly. Proper survey must be done to ensure that help is given to the poorest of the poor. We have to ensure the houses, wells and toilets are properly built. Hence, we have our own team of workers for our building projects. When we do hire contractors, we have our staff oversee the construction. We have careful procedures in place to prevent staff from claiming cost more than what was actually spent. To reduce cost, we purchase materials and supplies in bulk and store them in our centres whenever possible. We even have our own rig, generators and pumps to drill the wells.

Photos of the houses, wells or toilets are taken with GPS cameras so that the GPS information is embedded into the photo. This prevents the same house, well or toilet to be shown several times as different projects. Random audits are also conducted by our staff as well.


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