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Frequently asked questions

How long does Child Sponsorship last?
Ideally, Child Sponsorship is a long-term commitment lasting for the duration of our work in a particular community, which typically lasts for 12 years. From the day the child start school, grade 1 to 12. But how long child sponsorship lasts will be different for each sponsor. Some sponsors join us at the beginning of our work in their sponsored child’s community and others join us towards the end. Whatever the reason, we’ll notify you when your sponsorship comes to an end. At that time, we can discuss how you can continue your sponsorship with another child or continue to sponsor the same child for his/her university
How are children chosen for sponsorship?

We work with community representatives to identify the areas of greatest need. The community then chooses children from those needy areas for sponsorship. This list of needy children is verified by our staff and the children become representatives for the Child Sponsorship programme.

Participation is voluntary, and sponsored children and their families choose to be a part of the programme. We always respect the rights of families to make decisions about this.

Can I write to and visit the child I sponsor?
You are welcome to send letters to your sponsored child. Personal letters from sponsors to their sponsored children are translated in the national office and forwarded to the child. Some children wish to answer the sponsor and they then receive all the help they need to write a letter. Sponsored children are, however, put under no obligation to reply, and the responsibility of replying to letters is mainly taken on by the co-workers in the national office.It is possible to visit a village. However, the privacy of all the children in our care and their right to a loving and stable upbringing will always remain our priority. You should also involve the other children in the family in your visit so that they do not feel as though they are being relegated to the background. To ensure the visit is a success, the national office must be informed of the visit at least four weeks in advance. To make sure that the visit is a good experience for all parties you will be required to have a brief done by our Operation team. please send your request to:
What should I do if I want to cancel my sponsorship?

We encourage sponsors to view sponsorship as a long-term partnership, but we understand that people’s circumstances change over time and sometimes, unexpectedly.

If you are unable to continue your sponsorship, please help us by encouraging a friend or family member to continue the sponsorship commitment.

If you need to cancel your sponsorship, you can contact us through phone at 6922 0144 or email to get the process started

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