OHF Child Comprises

  • Child Sponsorship (Residential)
  • Sponsor a Child (Non-Residential)

About Child Sponsorship (Residential)

  • Providing a home for poor orphans and abandoned children.
  • Proper education, food and health.
  • Skills that would enable them to earn a living after leaving the home.
  • Creating an environment where the children feel loved and at home as this builds up their self-esteem and confidence in wanting a better future.
  • Encouraging thinking skills, mastering English, learning computers and interpersonal skills.
  • Character building, self-discipline and determination.
  • Creating jobs for the children.

Operation Hope Foundation has children homes in Cambodia and Nepal. The first home was opened in Dec 2003 in Cambodia. To date we have over two hundred children and over forty have graduated.

What does your child sponsorship do for the sponsored child?

In OHF, the sponsored child lives in a fully equipped children home with computer rooms, sports facilities, proper meals, good education and a loving environment where they are properly cared for. The child sponsorship donation pays for staff salaries, food, utilities, education, medical bills, maintenance and a host of expenses incurred by the home. These are direct and tangible benefits that the sponsored child receives. Feel free to approach us to probe and ask for the details of how your child sponsorship donations reaches the child.

A well-run children home can provide long term future for poor children

Sadly, many children homes or orphanages are operated as businesses to benefit the operator. OHF is one organisation which runs proper children homes with good facilities and children programs. For example, our children have access to at least two hours of computer lesson per week, learn English and have the opportunity to interact with foreign-volunteers. After fifteen years, more than fifty children have left Hope Village Prey Veng and all are grateful to have been brought up in a loving environment. We believe that well operated children homes will provide a good future for desperately poor children.


Hope Trust Nepal

Hope Trust Nepal gives hope to children who would otherwise have to struggle to survive in the harsh mountainous areas of Nepal. They are given love, care, proper meals, good education and taught to be disciplined and care for each other, especially the younger children.


Hope Village Prey Veng, Cambodia

At HVPV, children are encouraged to learn entrepreneurial skills as finding a job is not easy and the majority of Cambodians are self-employed. Our food stall projects during the school holidays teach the children to make and sell muffins among other items.


About Sponsor a Child (Non-Residential)

Sponsor A Child Programme

Sponsor a Child is a non-residential child sponsorship programme, Through this programme, we put children living in the villages through primary school. Although primary education is free in Cambodia, many children do not attend school as their families cannot afford the stationery and textbooks. Furthermore, many children from as young as 6 years old have to work to help earn money for food.

Our sponsorship programme provides the sponsored child with stationery, uniforms, textbooks, and even food so that the child can complete his / her primary education.


E-mail us at admin@ohf.org.sg to sponsor a child staying in Hope Village Prey Veng (Cambodia) or Hope Trust Nepal!