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OHF Child

Poor or abandoned children living in dilapidated houses with guardians who are unable to provide basic living and educational needs face a bleak future.

By living in a well-managed children’s home, the children develop holistically with confidence and self-esteem.

Where are the children

We look after two groups of children in Cambodia

Kids in our children home

Sheltering lives for a bright future

Stay in Hope Village Prey Veng, a fully equipped 80,000 sq ft home with sports facility, computer rooms and dormitories. Child is provided with nutritious meals, proper education and health care and participate in enrichment programs. They grow up in a loving and safe environment.

Kids in the villages

Giving hope to poor families

Primary education is free but going to school is not. More than 50% of Cambodian children drop out from school due to the lack of money to buy stationery, uniforms and text books. They skip classes to earn money for food. We provide their families with food packs and school supplies. Provide a child in the villages the opportunity to study and stay in school.

Kids in our children home

Sheltering lives for a bright future

Nepal Advancement Children Home is equipped with a variety of facilities specifically for child development. children have access to fully equipped computer rooms, sports facilities, proper meals, good education and a loving environment where they are properly cared for. They even have additional classes for improvement.



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With your sponsorship you can change a child’s life. Give a child a happy childhood!

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