Sponsor a Child at Hope Village, Prey Veng Cambodia

At HVPV, children are encouraged to learn entrepreneurial skills as finding a job is not easy and the majority of Cambodians are self-employed. Our food stall projects during the school holidays teach the children to make and sell muffins among other items.


Sponsor a Child at Hope Trust Nepal, Kathmandu

Hope Trust Nepal gives hope to children who would otherwise have to struggle to survive in the harsh mountainous areas of Nepal. They are given love, care, proper meals, good education and taught to be disciplined and care for each other, especially the younger children.


Sponsor a Non-Residential Child, Prey Veng Cambodia

Primary education is free in Cambodia, but going to school is not.  Our Sponsor a Child is a non-residential child sponsorship programme in which we help put children living in rural villages through primary school. By giving a food pack to their families and providing them with school supplies and uniforms, we can help these children to stay in school.

E-mail us at admin@ohf.org.sg to sponsor a child staying in Hope Village Prey Veng, Cambodia or Hope Trust Nepal, Kathmandu!