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Financial Reports

“Being transparent and accountable in managing finances is of utmost importance to Operation Hope Foundation. We ensure that the benefit-to-cost ratio is high in order to maximise the support given by our donors to the beneficiaries.”
Robert Kee. Founder of OHF

MAXIMISING Benefit To Cost Ratio

Low Benefit-to-Cost Ratio

Often donors mistake the total amount of their donation as the benefit. However, it is important to ask how the NGO uses the money and how many intermediaries are involved before it reaches the beneficiaries. Our research indicates that the benefit-to-cost ratio can be as low as 10%.

High Benefit Cost Ratio

At OHF we make sure that our benefit-to-cost ratio is never less than 80%, to ensure maximum benefit to the beneficiaries. This requires considerable focus on cost by our senior management, to keep it as low as possible. This high benefit-to-cost ratio is our commitment to our donors


Operation Hope Foundation is audited by HLB Atrede

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