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Project manager


The Position

We are looking for someone who has a strong communication, leadership, strategic thinking, adaptability, cultural competence, organizational skills, resourcefulness, and a passion for community development. You will manage the existing projects and developing strategies to expand community outreach. You will work closely with community leaders, volunteers, and stakeholders to identify community needs and develop plans to address them especially in the more remote areas in Cambodia. Plus points if you know Khmer.


A typical day could include checking transactions and cash balances, visiting with local officials, advising employees, checking on inventories, and inspecting departments. You might also be working alongside the medical staff in training and development of functional processes and policies. Some management, finance and people skills, along with a commitment to point people to Christ, are essential.
Medical or hospital experience is helpful, but not required.
Example only: public and government relations, finance and personnel. The job could also grow to include supervision of various departments within the hospital. In each of these areas, you would have the assistance of a committed expatriate team and an excellent national staff.

The Need

The country where we are located has a population of 165 million. Most are Muslim, but there are a significant number of Hindu and Buddhist minorities. However, less than half a percent even call themselves Christians. For those who long to reach the unreached, it would be hard to find a more strategic location. People are eager for friendship, open to discussing spiritual things, and desperately in need of hope for the future. God has miraculously kept the doors to this Muslim-majority country open. Access is limited, but development programs, businesses, and personal relationships to give us unlimited opportunities to share the gospel and strengthen our national partners’ outreach. Our partner, Memorial Christian Hospital provides a meaningful way to show grace and share truth.

The Impact

Example only: Two health clinics and four new church-plants reach out with Christ’s love and are within driving distance of the hospital campus. Both expat and national staff have many opportunities to share truth with patients and family members. Treating patients also strengthens the outreach of local believers. Jesus healed the sick and preached the Gospel. Compassionate health care opens doors to a person’s personal and spiritual condition. Daily opportunities abound to share the hope of Christ – will you be a part of it? Our goal is to have 5 new medical personnel by 2020.

Lets work Together

We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

Shawn Ng