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For Individuals

Form your own Team

Form your own team and build a house, well or toilet in Cambodia is a fun way to meet like-minded people whilst serving the community meaningfully.

meet real community needs

Get into the adventure of a lifetime by serving the poor, the sick, orphans and widows in a less developed country! With our experienced staff on the field, own vehicles and accommodation, your safety and security are assured. You would also be guided by our staff who are familiar with the local conditions during the trip.

Lead a Team

Behind every successful experience is a knowledgeable and empathetic leader. Being a team leader is not just about contributing to a better world; it also involves guiding your team members to reflect and grow from their experience during the trip with OHF.
  • As a team leader you will:
  • Have the flexibility to decide on trip details such as dates and duration
  • Recruit and choose members of the team
  • Fund raise and ensure that the minimum contribution is met

Step by Step Guide

Team leaders collaborate closely with OHF staff and inspire more people to make hope real for people trapped in poverty. (OHF’s vision)

Step 1

Email us at with the follwing details:

Build Country, Preferred trip Dates, No of Member you can recruit for your team

Step 2

Habitat singapore will check on the hosting country”s availibilty during your preferred dates.

Build location & trip dates will be adjusted if necessary

Step 3

Once trip details are confirmed, team leaders will sign an agreement.

Agreement covers T&Cs, Code of Conduct, etc.

Step 4

Team leaders to ensure members sign waiver forms & pay trip deposits to confirm their slot on the team.

Teams also have the option to start fundraising campaigns.

Step 5

Team leaders to coordinate booking of flight tickets & hotel accomodation

Habitat-recommended hotels can be provided on request

Step 6

Arrange a date for team briefing about at least 2 weeks before the build trip.

All remaining payments will need to be submitted.

Step 7

During the trip, team leaders will be the main liaison with Habitat host coordinator in build country.

Have fun on your trip!

Step 8

Provide any feedback after the trip to help Habitat improve the volunteer experience of our Global Village programme.


What past Open Team participants have to say about their experience:
  • “I learnt about the real harsh environment the Cambodian villagers are living in and yet they seem to be contented. I enjoyed the ‘workout’ during the building of the house, using my hands to help others.”
    Keen keong
    March 2016
  • “It was my first time doing volunteer work and I’m glad I could have this opportunity to help out.”
    Swee Sen
    August 2015
  • “Open Teams is a good idea as people from different walks of life get to meet together and do something good. You make friends and you also get to accomplish your goals at the end of the day.”
    August 2015
  • “Not everyone is born into good living conditions and have access to good education. The people that OHF help are those who are really in need. It was a real eye-opener to witness how the villagers’ lives are and how much the construction of basic necessities make a difference to their lives.”
    Yue Xiang
    August 2015