What is Non-Residential Child Sponsorship?

"$50 is all it takes to feed a family and gift a child education"


150,000 Cambodian children drop out from school in the primary education sector.

How can we change that?


In Cambodia, education is free but going to school is not.

Children often drop out of school due to the lack of money to buy stationeries, uniforms and school books. Children as young as 6 years old are expected to drop out of school to earn money by doing ad-hoc hard laboured jobs.

No money no school infographic

How do children in rural areas make a living?

Cambodian Boy helping his mother to sell vegetables

Selling vegetables

Cambodian boy riding water buffalo

Looking after water buffaloes

Cambodian boy collecting cow dung

Collecting cow dung

Cambodian children taking care of cows

Looking after cows

Cambodian boy helping his family to sell Khmer cakes

Helping family sell Khmer cakes

How does the programme work?

Partnering with primary schools and community leaders

This helps us to identify children who are not attending school regularly, or have dropped out of school entirely.

Conducting house visits

Our local staff conducts house visits for evaluation and interview before confirming that the child meets all the requirements to be sponsored.

Assigning a child to you

The child is added to the list of beneficiaries, and when a sponsorship is received, a child will then be assigned accordingly. The assignment process takes about 3-4 weeks.

Partner Visit Assignment

Through the Non-Residential Child Sponsorship Programme, we help put poor Cambodian children living in rural villages through school. Not only is the child sponsored with the necessary items for school, their families will receive bi-monthly food packs so that the child no longer needs to earn money to help the family.

SGD $50 a month is not only enough to feed a family for 2 to 4 months, it can also provide a child with school supplies to go to school!

Your sponsored child receives:

      • Textbooks
      • Exercise books
      • Uniforms
      • Stationeries
      • School shoes
      • School bag

Your sponsored child and family receives a food pack containing:

      • Rice (50kg)
      • Cooking oil, fish sauce, soy sauce and other cooking needs
      • Salt and Sugar
      • Canned food
      • Bottled Water and Drinks
      • Other household necessities

Only children who attend school regularly will be receive a bi-monthly food pack.

What your sponsored child gets


Gift a rural village child food and education.
For just $50, you can change their future forever.


Photo Gallery - Bi-Monthly Food Pack Distribution

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