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Village KIDS


Kids in the Villages Cambodia

Giving hope to poor families

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a poor or abandoned child so they can live in a proper home and have a bright future by providing financial assistance and resources for their well-being, development, and education. More questions? our FAQ got you covered!

600 children looking for sponsors

Monthly expense per child $50

What the child get:

Hope Village Children Home is equipped with a variety of facilities specifically for child development. children have access to fully equipped computer rooms, sports facilities, proper meals, good education and a loving environment where they are properly cared for.

What you get

As a child sponsor you follow your sponsored child on her or his journey through childhood. When you start your sponsorship, you receive:
  • A welcome letter with a profile and a photo of the child you sponsor
  • A description of the OHF’s Children Home or the village where the child you sponsor lives
  • Updates about the progress of the child
  • Our bi-annual reports together with stories of our work

Not ready for a long-term commitment?
You can also do a one-time donation

Bring a smile to the child by him/her a birthday cake and meal $50.

Relief a child’s journey to school, from walking kilometers, by buying a bicycle $75.

Life Changing Experience

  • Yue Xiang

    “Not everyone is born into good living conditions and have access to good education. The people that OHF help are those who are really in need. It was a real eye-opener to witness how the villagers’ lives are and how much the construction of basic necessities make a difference to their lives.”
  • Allan.L

    “With this new house they are protected by the elements. I could see the smile in thier face. Definitely it makes a lot of difference.”