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Animal Husbandry

Effective programmes can turn villagers into small business owners.

Goat Farming

Families are identified and 7-10 goats are given to each family. Each female goat can have two pregnancies a year with two to 3 kids per pregnancy. The family can sell the kids as soon as they are born or rear them for several months before selling them. One wife was so happy that her husband no longer had to go overseas to work as they get a good income from the goat business. Besides the goats, we provide one month supply of feed and provide technical training on goat husbandry.

Poultry Farming

Selected families are given 200 to 400 chicks together with a one month supply of feed. They are given technical training on poultry farming. The chicks are sold after 50 to 60 days for a decent profit. The additional income has improved the villagers’ lifestyle and some have enlarged the chicken coop from the initial 200 chicks to 1,500 chicks. The business gives them pride and hope for a much better future!

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Building Their Futures

Effective programmes can turn villagers into small business owners. Meet our successful beneficiaries.

“I was ostracised by my community because I am from the lower caste. It did not feel good. Things got worse for me when my husband left home to work overseas because there were little job opportunities for my husband and I in the village. Without him, I fell into depression. An organisation spoke to me and asked if I wanted to be trained in chicken farming. They said that they would also help me get started with hundreds of chicks, and there will be a community of other beneficiaries to work with. I agreed to join the project and told my husband to return to work on this project because we could yield high profit from selling chicken. We started with 300 chicks, kept them healthy and bred them. We made a sale of 1,000 chicken! We are thankful to be chosen because we learnt a lot and can farm with success now.”