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Bakeries often become a community gathering place, where people come together to enjoy baked goods and socialize.

Peter Ong , a donor has helped up set up a bakery in Cambodia. He assisted us in purchasing equipment such as gas ovens, proofer and mixer.

We are able to bake delicious baguettes , cookies and other items in our children home in Prey Veng, Cambodia.

In a country where job opportunities are limited, starting a bakery business presents a pathway to economic growth, job creation, and community empowerment. As individuals embark on this entrepreneurial journey, they not only build a livelihood but also contribute to the development and resilience of their communities. The journey may begin with flour and yeast, but the impact reaches far beyond the bakery walls, transforming lives and driving progress in a developing nation like Cambodia.

We have experience in setting up a professional bakery factory, consisting of ovens, blenders, proofer. And can make baguette, loaf bread, muffins, cakes, pizza.

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