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Clothes Making

Effective programmes can turn villagers into small business owners.

Tailor Training

Young women in rural areas with low education are desperate to increase their income. Equipped with a sewing machine and tailoring skills, the women have an opportunity to supplement the family income, thereby increasing her status within the family. We met one woman who started her tailoring shop and she was ecstatic that in her first three days she earned US$15! A certified instructor teaches a class of women sewing techniques over 3-4 months, allowing them to sew 30-40 items at the end of the course

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Shawn Ng

  • – Mina, Tailoring Course Beneficiary

Building Their Futures

Effective programmes can turn villagers into small business owners. Meet our successful beneficiaries.

Mina and her husband struggled to have a consistent source of income. Her troubles added in 2015 when her house collapsed in the 2015 earthquake. With 2 daughters to feed, they decided that Mina’s husband should find work overseas, and he worked in Dubai for a time before returning due to health problems. With income flow disrupted, Mina’s hope was raised when she registered and was accepted for the tailoring course to learn sewing skills. She is a passionate student, and even though the course has not yet ended, she is already putting her skills to use! Every day after the course, she sews clothes for the community members, charging 100-200 rupees (SG$1.22 – $2.44) per item. Mina excitedly shared that she earned 5,000 rupees (SG$61) last month!