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Recycling Bathing Water

Reed beds are a sustainable and cost-effective solution for treating wastewater.


In water-scarce countries, bathing is a luxury due to limited rainwater. But we waste much water due to the use of soap, as soapy water is hard to treat.. By recycling bath water, we multiply its use. Avoiding chemicals to cleanse soap is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Solutions must be local and affordable.

Potential Solution

Reed beds, with their natural filtration ability, can effectively cleanse soapy water without harmful chemicals. This sustainable method aligns with local resources and affordability, ensuring a practical and environmentally conscious approach to water reuse.

How it Works?

Used bathing water is poured into the feed tank which goes into a reed bed tank as shown in the photo. The reed-bed is a purifying technology which uses plants and microbial communities around its roots to eliminate the soap chemicals from the water. The clear water goes to the collection tank.

Our Experience

Download this report by
Arvind Dev, Amos Lu Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
National University of Singapore


The effectiveness of a reed bed depends on the quality of the incoming wastewater, the design of the system, and the management practices. Regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure the optimal performance of the reed bed system.

What is Next?

Complete system where the treated water from the reed bed will be pumped into a storage tank to be reused.