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Safe Housing to Shelter the Poor

In rural Cambodia, there are numerous challenges that contribute to the lack of proper housing:

Poverty: A significant portion of the population in rural Cambodia lives in poverty, making it difficult for them to afford quality housing materials and construction.
Lack of Awareness: Families might not be fully aware of the importance of proper housing and the potential benefits it can bring to their health and overall quality of life.
Improving housing conditions in rural Cambodia is not just about providing roofs and walls; it’s about fostering dignity, security, and well-being for individuals and families.

Family by family, Operation Hope Foundation is trying to change this with the help of volunteers for house building projects. We aim to build houses for as many poor Cambodian families as possible.

Some benefits of our house building model include:
  • Elevating the houses and using corrugated Cement Board roofs helps protect families from the weather.
  • A sturdy and properly constructed house provides families with a safe and secure environment.
  • Improved housing can contribute to community development by fostering a sense of pride, belonging, and stability among residents.
  • By providing families with safe and decent housing, Operation Hope Foundation is not only meeting a basic human need but contributes to the overall development and well-being of these communities. We work closely with local communities to ensure that the housing solutions provided align with their needs and aspirations.
Operation Hope Foundation has, over time, developed an effective and efficient house building methodology that covers selection of beneficiaries, purchase of materials, construction methods and audit. OHF focus is not on fund raising but on execution. Each phase of the project is covered by SOPs to ensure consistency . Special attention is taken to ensure there are no bribes given by beneficiaries or vendors to our staff.


OHF’s house building programme in Prey Veng, Cambodia is very much appreciated by the families. They know we do not use cheap zinc materials which makes the house hot during the day.. They like the “cooling” effect of wooden walls and bamboo floors!

The house building programme starts with detailed surveys to identify the poorest of the poor. Photos of their current house and details of their income are submitted to HQ for management approval. The beneficiaries selection is also approved by the village and commune chiefs. We have our own team of dedicated and honest house building staff on the ground to carry out the house building project.

When we receive a house donation from a generous sponsor, we will allocate from our survey list based on how dire the living conditions are. Priority of a house sponsorship is given to the family with the worst living conditions first. Every sponsorship of a house is allocated immediately, and the house building project is aimed to be completed within 6 months. Upon completion, a house sponsorship completion report is then written and sent to the respective donors.

One grandmother said that with the new house she received from a generous sponsor, her neighbours would come and visit her often and that she is not as lonely as before. One mother said her children were shy to show their classmates the ramshackle shack which is their house. Now they bring friends from school back to the new house! One villager shared how she wrapped herself and her children in plastic whenever it rained and often fell sick during the rainy season. Poor health leads to medical expenses which she can ill afford. As daily rated labourers, poor health leads to reduced income.

It is for these reasons that OHF started a house building programme in Cambodia. OHF’s house building programme has brought joy, hope and self-esteem to hundreds of poor villagers. You too can do your part to donate a house to a poor Cambodian family. Your generous sponsorship of a house will go to changing the lives of these families drastically.

Move the slider to see the comparison of a family’s home in Cambodia.
Hope bukd-a-house Beneficiary


Rith Chan has difficulty speaking because she has a speech impediment, but the one word she often says is Thanks’. Because she is very happy and thankful to OHF for helping her. When heavy rain and strong winds approach, she remembers the sponsor and the organisation who built her house. It has made her life much more comfortable and secure.

Build a House

Get into the adventure of a lifetime whilst serving the community meaningfully.

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