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Past Projects

Ad-Hoc Projects by OHF

Besides regular programme, OHF has also contributed via various ad-hoc projects.

Skill Up for a Better Future: Training Rural Youths for White-Collar Jobs

Provided rural youths with the necessary skills for a brighter future

In 2012 we noticed that many rural youths had difficulty finding a job after completing Grade 12. In order to help them narrow this gap, we started a 3-months training programme that would teach these rural youths necessary skills that would aid them in getting a white collar job with stable income. We called this the Training for Job Skills in the Service Sector programme (TJSSS) .

Life Skills

Life principles that will help rural youths be successful in life

Soft Skills

Exposing Rural youths to modern organisational work culture

Hard Skills

In administration sales, marketing, hospitality and computer repair


Improve communication as it is key to getting well-paid job
As our students come from various remote districts, we have created this to be a residential programme where students are given free accommodation, food, and study materials. There are no “hidden” fees to be collected from the students. All books, stationaries, study necessary materials are given free to every student. Each student even has his or her own computer to use for lessons. After a successful 3-months campaign, we have now developed a 3-months and a 7-months programme. This skills training programme has been proven successful, and many of our TJSSS graduates have been able to find decent white-collared jobs after graduating from the programme.

A New Foundation: Rebuilding a School in Rural Cambodia

OHF directors Robert Kee and Ling Swee Chan visited this school in Baray, Kampong Tom province. The parents of the students wrote a letter to the principal to rebuild the school as they are afraid the school might collapse. After visiting the school, OHF decided to get a contractor Venture Pte Ltd to build a new school together with blackboards, tables and chairs for US$20,000.

After the new school was built, a one-day celebration was held where OHF volunteers cooked lunch for the over 500 students as well as organized games for the students.

Flooded with Compassion: Rice Aid for Affected Communities

In response to aid the aftermath of the massive flood in Cambodia, OHF organized a rice distribution giving 20kg of rice each to 2,000 families in Prey Veng and Pursat. Below is an article about the flood. 40 tons of rice were given away by OHF (note: 1000kg = 1 ton).

As of 14 September 2001, the Cambodian National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) estimates that close to 1.7 million people have been affected by the floods and 56 people have died. Rising water has forced an increasing number of people to leave their homes for safe areas designated by Cambodian Red Cross (CRC), most of which only have facilities to accommodate a few hundred families each. According to the NCDM, the number of displaced people has reached 900,000 to date. Around 35 of these areas have been assessed by IFRC and CRC. 16 of them were occupied by approximately 10,068 people. Other safe areas are in provinces where floodwaters have yet to reach critical levels.

Hundreds of temples, schools and roads on higher ground have been identified and are being used as temporary shelter in affected communes. There is reason to believe that a large part of the estimated 900,000 displaced people are accommodated by relatives and host communities in, as yet, less or unaffected areas.

The following data was provided by the NCDM, summarizing the impact of the year’s flooding as of 14 September:
  • Number of affected provinces: 12
  • Number of affected districts: 75
  • Number of affected people: 1,669,182
  • The number of affected families: 342,126
  • The number of evacuated people: 412,495
  • The number of dead: 56

A Helping Hand: OHF’s Aid to the Poor in Prey Veng

In 2002, OHF responded to the needs of the poor in Prey Veng by sending two containers of essential goods such as milk powder, wheat, and clothing. The aid was distributed to nine villages in the area, reaching out to those in need. A total of 33,000 clothing items were distributed, accompanied by magic shows, balloons, and clowns that brought joy and entertainment to the villagers during each distribution. OHF’s humanitarian efforts in Prey Veng provided much-needed relief to the impoverished communities.