Clean Water

Over the last few decades there has been progress in making clean water available to all, but there is still a significant deficit. Approximately 800 million people still lack access to even a basic drinking water service and globally at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces (World Health Organization, 2019). The cycle of poverty cannot be broken without clean water that is easily reached – not only are disease and even death rampant due to the lack of clean water but also education and the advancement of women and children are impacted (as they are spending so much time in obtaining water).

In Cambodia, approximately 4 million people lack access to safe water – 25% of the entire population. In rural areas this is evident. There is no piped waters and wells are relied upon – and if these don’t exist – usage is dependant villagers carrying heavy buckets of questionable water over long distances. Thereby impacting their health, ability to earn a living and schooling.

Access to Water

As sickness means medical expenses and loss of income from being unable to work, we focus on two other areas: water and sanitation. OHF builds hand-pump  or air -lift pumps wells for poor villagers in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia.  As water tables have started falling, hand-pumps no longer work and we started to install air-lift  pumps that uses compressed air to lift the water. The air-lift pump is more expensive as it comes with a small diesel generator to provide the power.

OHF does not contract the installation to a contractor but has its own well drilling rig , vehicle and staff to install these wells. This ensure better quality and costs can be controlled. The project is not just about drilling a hole and installing the pump, but to also identify the right beneficiaries. Since the wells are given free, we select the very poor villagers who otherwise would not be able to have access to water.

In addition to providing wells, we installed Safe Drinking Water Systems for schools in Cambodia. This will provide students and teachers with safe water to drink.  We have found that families near the schools have also asked for access to this system so it helps an entire community around the school.  More details of ths Safe Drinking Water System can be found here.

Well Sponsorship

You can make an immediate difference to their quality of living! Make a donation of $1,000 to donate a well to 1 family in need.

Be a Sponsor to poor and needy families!

For $1,000, you can give one well to provide accessible and safe drinking water

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