Clean Water

Billions throughout the world lack access to clean water and sanitation. Many suffer from water related diseases such as malnutrition. Malnutrition is a major health problem, especially in developing countries. Both malnutrition and inadequate water supply and sanitation are linked to poverty. The impact of repeated or persistent diarrhoea and the effect of malnutrition on susceptibility to infectious diarrhoea are reinforcing elements of the same vicious circle, especially amongst children in developing countries. In rural villages in Cambodia, there is no piped water and many villagers rely on wells to provide clean water. Wells are considered an essential necessity to these rural villagers. A visitor once commented why the children are so dirty without realising there is no water for them to bathe! Water is not available by just turning a tap but by carrying heavy buckets over a long distance.

Well Drilling Programme

As health is important to those who rely on physical strength to earn money, we also focus on two other areas: water and sanitation. OHF has been running toilet and well building programmes for over 8 years. Most villagers depend on wells as piped water is non-existent in many villages in the province of Prey Veng, Cambodia.

It is very common that the poor do not have access to a working well. OHF builds wells for poor families to share. Besides using water for drinking and cooking, some families use the water to grow vegetables on their land.

Beneficiaries Impacted

2011 - 2017
1. Well beneficiaries
Year No. of wells built
2011 56
2012 31
2013 8
2014 23
2015 18
2016 20
2017 20
2. Wells built by location within Prey Veng province in 2017
District No. of wells
Preah Sach 19
Preah Sdach 1
Total 20

Be a Sponsor to poor and needy families!

For $900, you can give one well to provide accessible and safe drinking water