The United Nations estimates that over one billion people in the world practise open defecation. Every 20 seconds, a child dies as a result of poor sanitation. 80 per cent of diseases in developing countries are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation, including inadequate sanitation facilities. OHF builds a 1.5m deep pit toilets for needy families that do not have access to proper sanitation. Priority is given to families with single women and children.

Toilet Building Programme

As health is important to those who rely on physical strength to earn money, we also focus on two other areas: water and sanitation. OHF has been running toilet and well building programmes for over 8 years. Most villagers depend on wells as piped water is non-existent in many villages in the province of Prey Veng, Cambodia.

Many of our Singaporean volunteers were surprised to find that there are no toilets in the villages! The lack of proper sanitation leads to poor health and a lack of human dignity. Imagine the embarrassment for a young woman having to squat behind a bush instead of going to a proper toilet.

2011 - 2017

1. Toilet beneficiaries
No. of toilets built 487
2. Toilets built by location within Prey Veng province in 2017
District No. of toilets
Kampong Trabek 5
Preah Sdach 25
Total 30

Be a Sponsor to poor and needy families!

For $800, you can give one toilet to provide proper and safe sanitation