What is OHF Volunteer

OHF Volunteer is an overseas community service project that involves volunteers in challenging yet achievable tasks that meet real community needs in the less developed countries. Get into the adventure of a lifetime by serving the poor, the sick, orphans and widows in a less developed country! With our experienced staff on the field, own vehicles and accommodation, your safety and security are assured. You would also be guided by our staff who are familiar with the local conditions during the trip.

For over ten years, OHF has brought hundreds of teams to Cambodia to build houses, wells and toilets, as well as distribute milk and distribute food parcels to the poor in rural villages. These teams can be from schools, polytechnics, universities, churches, companies as well as groups of individuals and families. The age of the volunteers vary from as young as twelve to seventy.

At OHF, we strive to provide a meaningful experience for all our volunteers. OHF has experienced local staff who can speak English, look after and assist our volunteers. Most importantly, our staff can guide volunteers properly and safely.

Building a house, well or toilet from scratch is not easy especially for volunteers. OHF staff are trained to teach and then supervise volunteers to do the work. This means our volunteers get to do a majority of the work rather than stand and watch our staff work. The result is a team of happy volunteers who have poured sweat and toil into the building project that benefits a needy family.

Besides helping overseas communities, OHF hopes to heighten the awareness of poverty in third world countries amongst Singaporeans. Our perception of “suffering” changes when we see how hard life is for others. Through experiences from the OHF Volunteer programme, we hope to show how we can make a difference to the lives of others and encourage them to do more for the poor even when they are back in Singapore.

Partner us for meaningful, impactful and SAFE overseas projects now!

Volunteer's accomodation: Hope Training Centre

Project planning and logistics

1. Build a house, well or toilet depending on the team size and number of days of the trip. Side projects include milk distribution.

2. Cultural experience activities may also be arranged, depending on the local season.

3. OHF will arrange all local transport, meals and accommodation accordingly.

4. Communications and project coordination is simple as all you need is to liaise with OHF’s volunteer coordinator based in Singapore.

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